Camilla Parker-Bowles Bans Photos of Kate Middleton, Prince William and Baby George From Her Home, Clarence House!

Camilla Parker-Bowles Bans Photos of Kate Middleton, Prince William and Baby George From Her Home, Clarence House!

We have already told you in great detail just how utterly bitter Camilla Parker-Bowles is. After choosing to be Prince Charles‘ side dish for more than 30 years she truly believed that once they married it meant that she would be a lock for the crown beside her husband. Unfortunately for good ole Camilla Queen Elizabeth has made her preferences abundantly clear – she has every intention of putting Prince William and the beloved Kate Middleton on the throne next, regardless of Charles’ birthright.

In recent weeks Camilla has hardly been able to contain her venom, demanding a divorce with a hefty financial settlement and even disrupting Prince George’s christening. Everywhere Camilla goes she is either faced with William’s young family or else a million questions about them. According to photo proof in the Nov. 11th print edition of GLOBE Magazine this has caused Camilla to officially ban photos of William, Kate and even Prince George from the one place that she can control – her home.

Clarence House’s Morning Room is Camilla’s favorite place to entertain as it is warm and welcoming and filled with family photos. Well, most of the family is included. Recently Camilla got rid of all of the photos of Prince William, Kate and the royal heir because just the sight of Kate makes her rage. Since William is always with Kate he was also a casualty when Camilla decided to clean house. Meanwhile Charles’ other son, Prince Harry still is featured prominently in the room!

How much longer will the royal family continue to put up with Camilla’s antics? Are you surprised that her husband didn’t insist that both of his son’s be on display in the Morning Room? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Sorry

    lol too funny!

  • Pamela

    She sounds like a control freak…

  • JJ Jones

    If you are going to spread lies, at LEAST get their names right! FIRST OFF, she is NOT Kate Middleton anymore! She got married, she is therefore HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, or at least call her Duchess Kate. You would not still refer to your married friend by her old name once she changed it! Plus, like the bulldog in a tiara or not, Camilla is NOT Camilla Parker-Bowles, she is HRH The Duchess of Cornwall (Technically she is legally HRH the Princess of Wales, but that is another topic for another time).

  • JJ Jones

    Bitter much? First off, where do you get off on the bi-racial? Facts? Proof? Besides there is not ONE single human on the Earth who is one pure race, we are all mixed up. Harry Will not be King, it would have to go to George first. AND It isn’t like she snuck up on them all, they put her through the test and the ringer of public life, all in the name of not allowing them to eventually divorce, something that a “gold digger” would never do, they divorce for the money. Besides HER family had money, and they have more freedom than marrying into the royals, not much of a good trade if she was gold digging! You don’t trade your public freedom, and the ability to make your own choices in for a life in a box forced to live by rules and standards that normal people don’t even go by. Someone needs to please calm down with the racism, learn a few lessons about life and the world, and settle down. i have to wonder do you have children? Sons? If so do you run every girl they date away, afraid they will want to marry him to get their hands on your good tupperware?

    • Her family had money??? Only because they use slave and child labor in Mexico to make their “Party Pieces.” The Middletons belong in jail.

  • Kate is not “beloved.” She is a do nothing whose only claim to fame is buying expensive clothes off the money of her taxpayers. NO ONE is jealous of Kate. But Kate is jealous of Isabella, Willie’s first choice who turned him down, leading him to go back to Kate.