Carole Middleton Forced Prince William to Marry Kate After His Affair With Isabella Calthorpe

Carole Middleton Forced Prince William to Marry Kate After His Affair With Isabella Calthorpe

We are all so used to Kate Middleton being married to Prince William that it’s almost easy to forget about the bulk of their on/off relationship that spanned years. A new Tell-All book about Kate implies that after meeting Prince William through friends at her boarding school she hatched a plan to get closer to him. Instead of attending Edinburgh where she was originally accepted, she took a year off to stay on track with William and applied to University of St. Andrews in order to be at the same school as her mark. As she grew closer to the prince many of the girls in her circle began to shun Kate, probably out of jealousy more than anything.

According to the Sept. 23rd print edition of Life & Style magazine after William dragged out the couple’s relationship for years Carole Middleton decided to confront him. Back in 2009 he sat William down and demanded to know what his intentions truly were towards her daughter. At the time William reassured Carole that he wasn’t stringing Kate along and that he fully intended to marry her. Obviously that was a promise that Wills kept proving that all of those years of being referred to as Waity Katy by the British press would eventually pay off for Kate.

Carole Middleton Forced Prince William to Marry Kate After His Affair With Isabella Calthorpe

Carole and Kate must have been in a panic as in 2007 William dumped Kate in order to pursue Isabella Calthorpe.  Kate is a nice looking woman but Isabella is a rare beauty – and unlike commoner Kate she was born an aristocrat.  Isabella toyed with Will for a while and then told him she wasn’t interested in being his bride. After being refused by the woman he really wanted, Will took Kate back.  Oh by the way, Isabella married Richard Branson’s son Sam and is the half-sister of Prince Harry’s rumored fiance to be, Cressida Bonas.  No wonder Kate hates Cressida and is trying to break up the couple!

Do you think that Kate really had set her sights on William years ago and stayed the course until they were finally married? Both have spoken of being glad that they waited so long to marry because by the time the vows were swapped they truly knew everything about each other. They also seem to believe that waiting helped them to be sure that this relationship is the real deal for both of them. Do you think that it helped to ultimately solidify them? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


18 responses to “Carole Middleton Forced Prince William to Marry Kate After His Affair With Isabella Calthorpe”

  1. Dee says:

    Prince William doesn’t seem like the type to be forced to do anything he doesn’t want to do. As for Kate, she is beautiful and keeps her business to herself. Her mother might’ve tried to push them to be together, but Kate doesn’t seem like the desperate type.

  2. GDC says:

    Catherine should’ve never entered the royal family,it’s not for her.

  3. ysabella greenwood says:

    So so desperate of the middletons…kate was fall back plan..

  4. ysabella greenwood says:

    Soso desperate of the middletons…the commoner was fall back plan….

  5. Nevermore says:

    You do know that’s a picture of Harry, don’t you? And really, if you think anyone can make a member of the Royal family do anything they don’t want to, you need to put down the Kool-Aid and step back from the keyboard for a while!

  6. Sorry says:

    She caught him end of story.

  7. Pamela says:

    So sick of creepy, pushy moms!

  8. Denese says:

    Not only did they meet before university and Kate followed him to St. Andrew’s, they also both went to Peru to do charity work. I think they were only there a week apart. William went first and then Kate followed. That is too coincidental.

  9. […] brother-in-law has found love you would be dead wrong, mainly because Bonas is the half sister of Isabella Calthorpe. If her name isn’t ringing a bell then let me remind you that Prince William dropped Kate […]

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  11. llewellynh says:

    Harry might do well to wait a bit longer. I do think the longer courtship helped Kate and William prepare for what is going to be far from an ordinary life.

    Harry seems young for his age as does Cressida and waiting a couple of years might prevent yet another divorce in that family that would rip the public apart yet again.

  12. kwade9 says:

    Isabella C. is so much more beautiful!

    • smurfmonkey says:

      As if!

      • AlyssaMoh says:

        way more beautiful, and ever so much richer. But why marry the prince and face all the scrutiny and the attention when she is already an aristocrat, when you can marry someone who won’t inherit millions, but billions… so far Branson Sr. fortunes are 5 billion dollars and growing; The royal family is pegged at 500 million

  13. Marie Shanahan says:

    I hope that they all find peace together. Don’t forget how youthful they all are. And yes, Isabella is lovely in face and I’m sure in character, but Kate Middleton was Prince William’s destiny. I hope that Kate and Cressida will find more reasons to love each other as sisters than ever resent or be afraid of each other. I hope that everything works out and, in time, the fears will just die away in the face of God’s greater hope. Those boys – and Kate – have been through so much pain, I hope the whole thing ends up a fairy tale. I couldn’t help but notice how much Isabella Calthorpe resembles Diana.. I hope that Harry and Cressida marry and have a ton of princesses and princes, and I hope that Willam and Kate have a big family, too. Hope and love. All hope and love.

  14. LBD says:

    Looking at the two women, Isabella is the stereotypical English Rose, blonde hair, pale skin– boring. Kate is a beautiful woman. Does no one else believe in chance? Maybe they were meant to meet, but didn’t meet until Kate switched universities. We well never know the truth because we don’t know them, so stop speculating! Besides, William and Kate look happier together than Charles and Diana ever did of you compare the two couples. I honestly believe that Kate loves William.

  15. Amanda Chorley says:

    If Kate wasn’t a commoner, this argument would never exist. If it was an aristocrat that William courted and married, the lady’s intentions would never be questioned. Remember, Kate came from a wealthy background, so it really wasn’t imperative that she marry William. Haha. If anything, an aristocrat should be questioned as they love to ‘keep it in the family’. Lol.