Kate Middleton Portrait Secretly Recommissioned To Make Her Look Softer And Prettier?

Kate Middleton Portrait Secretly Recommissioned To Make Her Look Softer And Prettier? 0304

Yes, everyone knows Kate Middleton and Prince William are on vacation again in Switzerland while Queen Elizabeth is holed up in the hospital. Technically, they aren’t on a normal vacation. They’re there for a wedding but I don’t understand why they stayed so long. They could have just popped in and out to try to make the point that they’re busy with jobs but that wasn’t the case, probably because that isn’t the case. William had to take a day to go skiing and Kate had to sled to her heart’s delight. Why not? I don’t even think they’re trying to convince us she takes her role seriously anymore. Actually, that’s not true. I’m sure we’ll get a story this week about how diligently she’s working behind the scenes. It’s always behind the scenes with our Duchess of Cambridge.

One example of this could be that awful painting. You all remember the official Kate Middleton portrait, right? Critics slammed it for making the new royal rotten looking and plain. I just think it might have been too realistic and up close. Kate does have those wrinkles despite all her bee venom…. Naturally Kate came out and said she loved it but was she singing a different tune behind closed doors? Norren Denzil took it upon herself so create a new picture showing Kate in a warmer light – a.k.a. no wrinkles and a smile on her face. No grimaces for her Kate! She’s hoping to show Kate her version and sell it off giving the proceeds to a charity of Kate’s choice. Well, it’s not like she has many to choose from. Doesn’t Kate still only champion five or something?

So no big deal, right? A lady is painting a new pic. But then I started thinking. Why is the Daily Mail covering this? Tons of people probably spend their free time painting the DoC. People are obsessed. Did Kate and Will encourage this so people could have a better portrait out there? I wouldn’t put it past them. These two are image-obsessed despite their horrible PR team and constant vacations. This could be Kate’s covert way of shouting to the world “See! I’m actually pretty! The Paul Emsley painting was total shit!” 

Or it could be a slow news day and the DM had nothing better to run. What do you think? I’m a conspiracy girl myself. Which portrait do you like better?


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