Kate Middleton’s Emergency Ride to Hospital on Standby at Parents’ Bucklebury Mansion

Kate Middleton's Emergency Ride to Hospital on Standby at Parents' Bucklebury Mansion

Kate Middleton is stressing out the world — when will she go into labor? Honestly, it should be any day, maybe any second, so that’s why Kate Middleton has transitioned from her home in Nottingham to her parents’ mansion in Bucklbury. At their home, there’s an emergency ride available to her that will be ready to deliver her to the hospital at a moments notice. Apparently, Kate’s parents’ home is located about an hour away from St. Mary’s Hospital where she’s scheduled to give birth. Kind of far away if you ask me!

Numerous police cars and security details have been spotted surrounding the estate to ensure Kate has a smooth transition to the hospital when she’s ready to make that final journey to her birthing room. Nobody is certain whether or not this will be her final stop before heading to the hospital, but I’d assume it would be. She’s truly enjoying spending time with her family, and it seems like the perfect spot to remain before going into labor.

“Being back at home in Bucklebury is the one place where Kate can truly relax, especially with all the building work going on at Kensington Palace,” an insider told the Daily Mail“She knows her mum will take good care of her and William can also rest assured that she’s in safe hands. Kate is very family orientated so it is only natural that she would want to spend as much time as possible with her parents before the baby arrives.”

Wherever Kate is when she goes into labor, we hope she gets to St. Mary’s safely and that all goes smooth with her pregnancy! Let us know in the comments below any thoughts you might have regarding Kate!

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4 responses to “Kate Middleton’s Emergency Ride to Hospital on Standby at Parents’ Bucklebury Mansion”

  1. SpringBeauty says:

    Just hoping all goes well for them. I can’t wait to see that precious baby!

  2. allie says:

    It seems like she’s been pregnant forever. Seems like she should have already had it.

  3. Pamela says:

    It does seem like a long time. Hope she pops soon!

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