Prince Harry Defends Kate Middleton and Attacks Wicked Stepmother Camilla Parker-Bowles (Photo)

Camilla Parker-Bowles Makes Kate Middleton Cry: Promises Prince William Will Leave Her Like Prince Charles Left Diana

Camilla Parker-Bowles has never been well-received by the royal family and Princess Diana’s sons especially can’t stand her. Imagine if your mother, Princess Diana, died in a tragic accident and you were stuck with the rotten woman who your father cheated with for decades? It’s amazing that Prince William and Prince Harry tolerate Camilla as well as they do, but this chick is foolish.

According to the July 8th print edition of GLOBE Camilla decided to push Kate Middleton’s buttons recently and the end result was infuriating for Prince Harry who just so happened to overhear ever rotten word. Camilla reassured Kate that once she has the baby William will find a mistress – someone that he really loves unlike her – and Camilla went on and on about how wonderful William’s future side dish would be.

No doubt Harry realized that the scenario that Camilla described paralleled her own adulterous life with Prince Charles – and that caused him to snap! He told his evil step monster to shut her mouth, totally having Kate’s back during what must have turned into the most awkward carriage ride ever. In describing this future situation Camilla praised a non-existent mistress, insinuated that Kate was unworthy of the love she has, and she also insulted William’s character. It’s no wonder Harry came out swinging!

It must really sting to know what a piece of work this chick is and that in spite of it she will likely be the next Queen of England!  Camilla represents infidelity, alcoholism and disrespect for anyone nearby. Yet she still believes that she belongs on a pedestal simply because 32 years after her not-so-secret affair with the Prince of Wales began she got Charles to put a ring on it!  There has to be a lot of anger boiling beneath the surface for many of the royals don’t you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Camilla Parker-Bowles Makes Kate Middleton Cry: Promises Prince William Will Leave Her Like Prince Charles Left Diana

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  • Angel 2009

    Surprising that the Brits are willing to accept an adulteress as Queen Consort. And old Chucky is no better.

  • keri12

    First sentence, second paragraph of this article starts: “According to the July 8th print edition of Globe…” That says it all. Globe is an american gossip rag. Anyone believing articles in the Globe regarding the british royal family should use common sense and accept that the articles are pure fiction.

    Both William and Harry HATE the press. There’s no way either brother would tell a journalist ANYTHING that goes on behind closed doors, and they wouldn’t tolerate any friends doing so either. All ‘Camilla is an alcoholic’, ‘Camilla hates Kate’ articles are fictional stories written by Globe writers to increase sales. Great for sensationalism, but no relation to real life or reality.
    Considering how silly the Globe articles are, it’s a sure bet no one actually believes them; which means people commenting who seem to believe the stories are likely Globe staff members pretending to be commenters.

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  • Angel 2009

    Hey! Are you a Globe staffer? I’m certainly not – keri12 is clueless & reaching.

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  • louis

    Please do not what ever you do let Cami become queen or Charles become king let kate and will take over

  • Heather_7

    The simple fact is that, as long as there have been regimes there has been infidelity, on the part of both women and men who were kings or noblemen who had mistresses or courtesans etc… Infidelity happens across a variety of cultures and socio economic climes. Should it occur–if one is speaking of morality, or Christiandom–then no. But does it occur–yes.

    As much as this Yank has always enjoyed British culture and especially British Literature, I do think the practice of restricting someone to marriage of a certain type of person, simply based on social class is as barbaric as forcing the servant class to endure some of the things they did during the Edwardian and Victorian periods. Simple facts are probably that Camilla and Charles had loved each other for a long time. But Camilla’s social standing, I believe, as I have read it, would not have allowed her to marry Charles originally.

    As much as I also love Princess Diana, she was not without her own mental illnesses, and though terribly kind to her subjects and children, some of the rows I’ve heard she had with the Prince may have even “forced” him into the arms of Camilla. Does this make her evil, or him evil? Who knows–what is evil, exactly? Are they fallible human beings? My answer would be yes, but since Diana has passed and Prince Charles and Camilla seem very happy together, why not allow them some happiness?

    • plf411

      There wouldn’t have been any rows if Charles and Camilla hadn’t committed adultery. You can say what you want about them, but it doesn’t change the fact that they didn’t care about anyone but themselves – including Britain’s subjects.