Kate Middleton’s Not Amused? Prince Harry Attending Wedding Of Prince William’s Past Love

Kate Middleton's Not Amused? Prince Harry Attending Wedding Of Prince William's Past Love 0222

I love it. Prince Harry’s new girlfriend is causing trouble already! Cressida Bonas‘ parents are so delighted by their daughter’s recent conquest that they’ve invited Harry to the wedding of their other daughter, Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe. Not a big deal, right? Only this particular blond is rumored to be one of the reasons William broke up with Kate before she managed to tie him down. William apparently went after the chick pretty hard when he told Kate he just wanted to be free for awhile but the blue blood wanted nothing to do with him or his crown. Don’t be too sad for her. Isabella settled for zillionaire, Richard Branson’s son so she did all right in the end.

Now, the question is whether Harry would have gone to the wedding regardless of dating Cressida. He and his cousins, Beatrice and Eugenie, are super tight with the Bransons so you’ve got to assume an invitation would have made its way in the mail. But The Sun is stating he will be a guest of honor at the nuptials, whatever that means. I wonder if Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson will be there as well. If Cressida sticks around I’m kinda seeing a division already happening in the royal family. Harry will never side against his brother but I could see him getting taken advantage of because he’s too jovial or stupid to help himself. Andrew has his issues with Kate and William right now. William is also supposedly on the outs with Beatrice’s long-time boyfriend (and soon to be fiance) Dave Clark. So William and Kate are not favorites of the Yorks at present especially with all the downsizing. So it’s uber interesting that Harry not only went on vacation with the whole bunch but also was so free with his girlfriend in front of them. Maybe he thinks he can do anything around Fergie since she definitely can’t throw stones or maybe the Yorks are buttering him up so they have an ally closer to the crown. Maybe I’ve just been reading too much Game of Thrones.

So, do you think Kate cares about the Prince Harry/Cressida Bonas wedding or that he’s getting all chummy with one of her old rivals? You’d think she’s be over  it especially with her heiry fetus out and about. But this is Kate. It’s telling that she has no real girlfriends. She can’t be too excited by Harry’s new conquest. If Cressida succeeds in becoming Harry’s plus one for all time then the Bonas/Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe family might be just as visible at royal functions as those pesky Middletons which means Isabella and William will have to exchange many polite conversations. And Kate has got to know her history. It’s been reported that Prince Charles once said, “Do you seriously expect me to be the first Prince of Wales in history not to have a mistress?” So there’s precedent. Does that mean anything? Maybe. Maybe not. But there’s precedent.


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  • keri12

    Of couse I’m only guessing, but Isabella has never actually done anything to Kate, so it’s very likely Kate doesn’t harbour any ill feeling towards her.

    Although it’s reportedly true William was attracted to Isabella at one time and that instead of reciprocating Isabella gave him the brush-off, but there’s no reason to assume Kate would dislike Isabella just because of that. As an example of what I’m saying: Wills was closer to Jecca Craig at one time than he ever was to Isabella, yet Kate and Jecca became friends.

    It’s more likely Wills would be slightly uncomfortable with Sam Branson than anything else, but even that’s doubtful, given the way their social set seems to intermingle and date one another at the drop of a hat.

    As for Kate not having any close friends, that isn’t true. Kate has several really close friends, including Catriona ‘Trini’ Foyle (nee Lough) and Emilia Jardine-Patterson (nee d’Erlanger) Both women have been close friends with Kate since they were all students at Marborough, and both attended the royal wedding. And just to give you an idea of Kate’s temperment: At one point in time Emilia was William’s girlfriend, when he was a student at Eton and Emilia was at Marlborough. Yet that never stopped Kate and Emilia from being friends.

    • Gianmarco Sabato

      Jecca has better taste to be imvolved with Middleslut

  • To be honest N O T H I N G would ever stop Waity Katey from getting her grip on that Royal Title!! True she has no friends thats why she will be very clingy indeed. Isabella on the other hand is more self confident and made good turning down Wills coz thatroyal consort life can bore one tio death to be honest!!

  • Kate s the jealous type , and insecure , she would go crazy over it. Strange its reported that she s not even pregnant …..and faking it

  • Well Kate will go insane over this , she s insecure , rotten , sadistic b**tch , She will turn into her 13th grand mother Ann Boleyn Mary Boleyn

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  • Prince Williams father is a major, major joe to the monarchacy, anon with his super trashy, second wife.

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