Kate Middleton and Prince William Battle Prince Charles and Cruel Camilla Parker-Bowles as Queen Elizabeth Prepares To Resign

Kate Middleton and Prince William Battle Prince Charles and Evil Camilla Parker-Bowles as Queen Elizabeth Prepares To Resign

With each passing week it seems even more painfully obvious that Queen Elizabeth is indeed winding down her run as monarch of Great Britain. The fact that she has begun to delegate royal duties that, in years past she would never have missed, tells us an awful lot. In case we weren’t sure then Elizabeth’s 600-yard walk from her carriage to the front doors of a Parliament meeting made her failing health extremely obvious. She also messed up the speech that she had prepared, a mistake that this queen has not made before and it was considered a sign of her losing a grip on things

According to the May 27th print edition of GLOBE the queen is planning on announcing her resignation later this year. She regularly spends three months on vacation at Balmoral Castle from August-October and while there it’s expected that she’ll spend a good deal of time drafting her resignation speech.

Elizabeth handing many of her official duties over to Prince Charles makes sense because he is rightfully next in line to the throne but many insiders would rather see his son, Prince William take the throne instead. Camilla Parker-Bowles has no intention of allowing that though. She has waited for over thirty years to sit on that throne with Charles and is babbling to anyone that will listen about how she and Charles have won. Camilla even went so far as to have a load of plastic surgery done in a failed attempt to look younger and more refreshed when that day rolls around.

Still insiders say that while Elizabeth is lining Charles up to succeed her that doesn’t necessarily mean that he will. If she can find a way to get William there first she’s going to do it. Elizabeth believes that her grandson and Kate Middleton would freshen up the fading monarchy and that the British people would love that decision.

Will the Queen live long enough to resign? Do you think Camilla will ever be on that throne? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Oh the drama!

  • keri12

    Why do you, and the Globe, persist with made-up stories that don’t bear any resemblance to reality? The position of Sovereign is inherited. It isn’t elected, or chosen by the previous monarch, it’s INHERITED. Period.

    There are no decisions for the Queen to make about the succession because it was set the moment Prince Charles was born. He’s the son of the reigning monarch, he was first born, and he’s a male. That’s it. There’s no other criteria.
    The only way Prince Charles won’t be crowned King after the Queen passes away is if the Monarchy is abolished. Other than that, Charles is next. That’s reality.

  • Jocelyn

    It’s crazy she’s resigning!

  • Msjoiedevivre

    Prince Charles will be a great king!

    • Not as long sd he is still married to that Ugly, hateful, alcoholic, Camilla. She is truly embaresing (not sure how to spell that) to the Royal family and the whole Kingdom. Charles could only rule if he divorced Camilla ASAP and banned her from any contact with the media and the relatives. In fact ban her to India.

  • keri12

    @ Jocelyn:
    The Queen isn’t resigning, the Globe is just full of sh–. The video of her coronation in 1952 shows the Queen saying she would serve her entire life, whether it be long or short. As she’s already 87 years old, it’s obvious she meant it. The Queen will reign until she passes away, she’ll never resign. Instead she’ll just give more of her public appearance duties to Charles, which will give her a rest.

    You don’t have to take my word for it, it’s public info from Buckingham Palace. Btw, the ‘alcoholic Camilla’ stuff is a made-up story line that the Globe uses to sell papers.

  • Ruth

    I would not want to see Charles and his 2nd wife as the next monarch at all. I sure hope that Prince William and his Kate will be the next Monarch.

  • keri12

    Obviously, peddling vicious nonsense in the bayoubuzz articles isn’t satisfying to you, and you feel it’s necessary to troll around and sprinkle poison everywhere.