Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Split – How Kate Won Will Back After He Dumped Her! (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton and Prince William's Split - How Kate Won Will Back After He Dumped Her! (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton and Prince William weren’t always the loved up royal couple that we see in the news today. At one point in their relationship, way back in 2007, William actually dumped Kate because he wasn’t sure he wanted to marry her. Author Michael O’Mara reveals all the scandalous [not really] details in his new book ‘Kate’, in which he reveals that after Will dumped Kate, he spent the next few years partying it up, Prince Harry style.

Of course, Carole Middleton didn’t raise her daughter to not fight back. Instead of accepting what happened, Kate set out to win Will back. And how did she accomplish this? By wearing skimpy clothing, of course. O’Mara reveals, “Her dresses grew shorter, her tops lower… Once inside a party she put on a pair of pink silk bunny ears and proceeded, as one partygoer put it, to ‘tease all the boys.’”

We all know the legendary story of how our dear Will realized his feelings for Kate, right? She appeared in a skimpy outfit during a catwalk at St. Andrew’s University, and alas, their love story began. So of course Kate would resort to the same measures to win her man back, and it certainly worked.

Apparently, Will realized what he was missing, and their reunion was swift. O’Mara adds, “They made an agreement with each other. For the next few years, they would work and enjoy their lives, knowing that at some point when the time was right, they would be husband and wife – and perhaps parents too.”

It sounds like something out of a fairytale, doesn’t it? Obviously, it was calculated, but it’s sweet and heartwarming nonetheless. And now, they’re finally married and having children. See children – you too can wear skimpy clothing and win over the heart of princes. Fairytale indeed.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet and Closer

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4 responses to “Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Split – How Kate Won Will Back After He Dumped Her! (PHOTOS)”

  1. Robyn says:

    I love them together, sounds like a fairy tale to me!

    • DuchessWaityKate says:

      Pretty shoddy fairytale. Do you read books to your kid about how the “princess” wore low cut clothing and ever-higher hems ? Slob-

  2. allie says:

    Hope they can keep their relationship together

  3. DuchessWaityKate says:

    He had to marry someone, they expect a baby out of him and whatever wife he has. Waity was the only one to make an ass of herself by being available 24-7 to him as if she had no life of her own {AND SHE DIDN’T, AND STILL DOESN’T}…..the press used to call her “the mattress” and Harry was quoted as saying he never thought William was going to marry her….which illustrates the way they shacked up and broke up and repeat. It was partly because Waity had severe jealousy issues. That was common knowledge.Then she tried to tone it down when she realized her plot to gain prestige through marriage was going downhill. He’s an idiot for having such low standards, and she’s a common,social climbing whore. They deserve each other. But it’s hardly an ideal relationship…William is a weak minded person,easily led by Middleton and her grabby,scheming family.One goal of this “book” is to try to make Waity’s tacky and low class public party behavior seem more explainable. But truth is, she’s cheap and always was.