Kate Middleton, Prince William Choose Baby Names – Buy Domains, Reserve Twitter Accounts?

Kate Middleton, Prince William Choose Baby Names - Buy Domains, Reserve Twitter Accounts? 0128

This post is in response to a pretty decent story I read in Forbes this weekend. It talks all about the Kate Middleton brand and how defined and particular Kate is in orchestrating it. From her anti-clothes horse fashion statements to her “stand by your man” partnership with Prince William, Kate (and her minders) are firmly in control of each and every action.

But Kate might be a 21st century modern monarch but she wasn’t born into it and will hardly face the challenges her young child will encounter in this immediate technological age – especially if that kid turns out to be a girl after all. Marian Salzman writes:

“The choices Kate makes to brand her son or daughter will be even more telling. Long before he or she has a chance to forge an identity, the child will be under even more scrutiny as the first digitally connected, post-millennial royal. There’s no word yet about possible baby names, but I bet that if Kate and William have chosen one, they’ve also registered the URL and opened the Twitter account.”

Now, obviously, Salzman is exaggerating to make a point but is she so far off? Beyonce and Jay-Z attempted to trademark Blue Ivy’s name but lost. Why not Will and Kate? Kate’s parents continuously make money off their famous daughter’s connections. Can you imagine the ordinary people who will try to capitalize on the royal baby name? Kate Middleton has got to know they will. Think of the baby-related products that will pop up with the famous moniker in tow. I bet that before that baby is born a name will be safely chosen and domain names will be bought. It’s not the first time for the couple. Kate Middleton’s dad has made a pet project out of buying his kids’ domain names for years in an effort to protect their image. I’m not so sure about the twitter account though. Would the royal couple scoop it up? I’m not saying they would use it but they are uber paranoid and uber private so I could see them making a couple accounts just so some enterprising fool couldn’t.

Is this smart of Will and Kate or does it seem a little tacky and low budge? Constant criticism of the royal family is that it is always late on getting with the social media/innovative times. Could protecting the baby’s name now be a smart decision and a sign of William and Kate’s desire to be modern monarchs? Wouldn’t it be amazing if they made a Tumblr account for the baby a la Beyonce? I would die.


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