Kate Middleton on ANOTHER Holiday in Switzerland – CDL Called It!

Kate Middleton on ANOTHER Holiday in Switzerland – CDL Called It!

So much for Kate Middleton going “back to work with a vengeance.” One again, the palace PR spin doctors have been outed in their outrageous lie to the taxpaying public about how “hardworking” Lazy Katie really is. It’s just one holiday after another with her, isn’t it? Straight from the exclusive beaches of Mustique to the slopes in Switzerland – but then again, we’re not fooled. We already called this one.

Comments from the “lowly commoners” – as I’m sure Prince William and Kate think of the people who’s money they live off of – are going to be furious. They were already scathing after news broke about that pair of lazy wastrels lounging around in Mustique. Of course, the British press who are in the pocket of the palace will play it off as some stupid romantic getaway. But you’d have to be a damned fool to keep believing that BS.

How do they excuse themselves for giving themselves another holiday? One day of “hard work” for Kate that equates to her showing up for a max of 2 hours to do nothing more than a photo op at an event that she had no hand in even organizing? And then off for another holiday. And then we’ll be fed the BS that she’s “hard at work” on March 5th for her one whole “royal away day” to Grimsby. How on earth is anyone – especially in a hopeless, dead end town like Grimsby where people can’t even find work to put food on the table – ever going to relate to her? Kate, their future queen consort! She just got back from two luxurious, extremely expensive holidays that they will likely never be able to afford, and what exactly is she going to say to them? Oh, I’m so sorry you can’t find work at the local drugstore? All while she’s secretly smirking at them and looking down her nose at them? Un – freaking – believable.

And then what after her “hard work” at Grimsby? Another holiday, likely. And of course, why should they vacation in Britain and actually help their own economy? Oh yeah – it’s not glamorous enough.

And honestly, if you actually excuse this behavior, then I have to wonder how “hard working” you are, or if you’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid – the palace PR spin doctors have poisoned it and pulled the wool over your eyes. Don’t even bother with trying to say that they were there for a wedding or that they always go skiing this time of year. Really? That really sounds better to your ears?! Wake up.

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  • No. ‘CDL guessed it’. LMAO

  • Wow, I wouldn’t expect this trashy website to do their research. But FYI, they’re in Switzerland for a WEDDING. They aren’t on holiday. The morons who wrote for this site need to do a little bit more fact checking before pressing the publish button.

  • Page Morgan, what is behind your vendetta against Catherine? They are at a dear friend’s wedding, is that alright with you? I really think you need to discuss your attitude with a professional, and I don’t mean Lindsay Lohan! It’s always the same ole drivel with you!

  • keri12

    Exactly right Mandie. They didn’t hesitate to launch into an attack on Prince William and wife, who, along with Prince Harry, simply attended the wedding of friends. A bit of fact checking would’ve shown the non-journalists who wrote this article that it isn’t a holiday, but a weekend wedding.

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  • Don

    wow they can spew out the hate.
    rein it in please