Kate Middleton and Prince William Want Revenge For Princess Diana’s Murder

Kate Middleton and Prince William Want Revenge For Princess Diana's Murder

Prince William was only 13 years old when his beloved mother, Princess Diana was killed in that infamous car crash in Paris and he has spent years attempting to make peace with things. He has always been very close to Queen Elizabeth and thank god for that strong relationship with his grandmother as she likely helped him to become the respectable man that we see now. He also was taught to ignore all of the rumors and innuendo that insinuated that Diana could have been murdered. Investigations had seemed to prove otherwise and he should find comfort in that, at least until now.

Now, according to the Sept. 2nd print edition of GLOBE magazine Queen Elizabeth had a full investigation of her own underway over the years and unfortunately the information she discovered doesn’t exactly match the official Scotland Yard findings. She passed a full dossier of information onto both William and the FBI which would seem to conclude that a well known Croatian hit man and a few of his cohorts were most certainly behind the car crash. A blinding light was shined directly at driver/bodyguard Henri Paul and as he struggled to control the car both the brakes and steering had been tampered with making it impossible to save himself, Diana and Dodi AlFayed.

Kate Middleton and Prince William Want Revenge For Princess Diana's Murder

The Queen decided that William and Kate Middleton should have the information before her death and then it can be in their hands whether or not further action is taken. Prince William received the detailed report a few weeks after the birth of his son and he is said to be vowing revenge on whomever is truly accountable. William is already feeling the loss of his mother now as she’s not alive to meet her first grandchild, knowing that it was an intentional act of murder has William enraged. Do you think that Prince William will demand that another inquest is done in official capacity so that fresh eyes can figure out what truly happened in order to at least try and demand accountability? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • thebutcher

    Everyone knows she was MURDERED. You sound extremely jealous of the future queen. Everyone also knows that elizabeth HATES camilla. She will NEVER be queen. The public despises her and charles, and love will and kate