GLOBE: Queen Elizabeth Officially Picks Kate Middleton as Next Queen: Camilla Parker-Bowles’ Evil Dream Ruined (PHOTO)

GLOBE: Queen Elizabeth Officially Picks Kate Middleton as Next Queen: Camilla Parker-Bowles' Evil Dream Ruined (PHOTO)

Remember a few weeks ago when Kate Middleton came under intense scrutiny for daring to step out in public with those grey roots on top of her head? It seemed like royal watchers couldn’t believe that the duchess would make such a grand misstep and commoners found it one more thing that they had in common with Kate. After all new mothers don’t always have time to run and get their roots touched up when they are dealing with a messy, cranky infant round the clock. Prince William swung back in anger as he has grown tired of watching Kate come under fire for every little thing imaginable.

It looks like that little bauble was totally forgotten within a matter of days as Kate stepped out for a formal evening on Dec. 3rd. The Dec. 23rd print edition of GLOBE Magazine has all the details on how this particular night was intended to launch Kate into a totally different direction. She appeared with a tiara on her head and that, by all accounts was no coincidence. Queen Elizabeth has made it abundantly clear that Kate and Prince William will be the next royals to sit atop the throne and rule England. The tiara was a great fit and Kate seemed to wear it with ease, appearing to be quite ready to embrace the powerful role.

Of course there is always backlash and this time it came from Camilla Parker-Bowles who still hasn’t given up all hope on being Queen. As we have previously told you, good ole Cami has been warring with the royals over stature and money. She truly believed that marrying Prince Charles would be her ticket to respect and ruling the country. Instead she is still despised and the Queen has no plan of trusting her with England.

Also in the Dec. 23rd print edition of GLOBE magazine you can get on the inside track of the investigation into the shocking death of Paul Walker. Apparently they are looking at every possible scenario, including murder! GLOBE has taken care of our news and entertainment needs all year in a fine fashion – now as the year winds down it’s time for a look back at the hottest scandals of the previous 12 months. GLOBE is counting down the top 40 shockers of 2013. Can you guess who and what made their list? Tell us your guesses in the comments below!

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