Prince William Trying To Miss Royal Birth? Real Reason He’s Staying Away From Kate Middleton

Prince William Trying To Miss Royal Birth? Real Reason He's Staying Away From Kate Middleton 0701

Is Prince William truly hiding out in Wales? I’m not sure how often William is coming up to see his pregnant wife in London but some think his continued work as a search and rescue pilot four and a half hours away from Kate Middleton is not the most empathetic position to take at the moment. Not only is this Kate’s first kid but she’s stuck with her in-laws while she awaits one of the most heralded births of the century. Is it right for William to continue his “I want to be treated like everyone else” stance or is he just trying to miss being in the delivery room like everyone expects him to be?

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This is the question Tom Sykes is asking over there at The Royalist. He reports that William’s continued absence is creating a lot of anxiety over the royal birth. Kate Middleton may look stoic in public but in private, it’s rumored, she’s kinda freaking out. Of course she is! This is Kate Middleton! Everything has to go perfectly – even labor!

William’s excuse is that he only gets to take two weeks of paternity time off and he wants to use it after the kid is born. So, hopefully, that baby is born on a weekend. If not, it might be super difficult for William to get there in time if Kate’s delivery goes quickly. Apparently the palace nixed the idea that William will use one of the rescue helicopters to get to the hospital on time. I’m sure he knows someone else who can lone a plane. Where’s Richard Branson when you need him?

So Kate might be going it alone – or alone with the Middleton women. There’s the story floating around that Carole and Pippa Middleton will be at the hospital so I’m sure that’s a comfort. And I’m certain this isn’t news to Kate. Maybe she and William have already had this PR conversation. He stays and works and gets credit for being a working dad too busy to make the birth in time and Kate gets the sympathy of a nation by having her natural birth without the strength and resoluteness of her prince. It’s truly a win/win.

What do you think? Will Prince William miss the royal birth? Is he doing it on purpose or, at least, loading the odds against him? Did anyof you out there opt to keep your husbands out of the delivery room? Did you find it helpful?


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