Kate Middleton Dressing Sexier For Prince William – Is Cressida Bonas The Real Reason?

Kate Middleton Dressing Sexier For Prince William - Is Cressida Bonas The Real Reason? 0430

One of my favorite parts in This Is 40 is when Leslie Mann’s character starts freaking out about her upcoming birthday and wails, “But I don’t want to go to J. Jill and Chico’s and Ann Taylor!” I totally agree. There’s something weird about getting older and having to start dressing more appropriately when we all feel like we’re still 18 anyway. Or is that just me? Kate Middleton and I are 30 (actually, I’ll point out she’s 31) and I completely understand the issues she’s having over how youthful/trendy to dress. Granted she has a whole other side to it since she’s royal but it’s still an interesting transition in your life. Who ever wants to make the jump to mom jeans?

Much has been made of late of the short hemlines. Kate Middleton has been letting her legs speak with her on just about every outing over the past couple weeks. She looks great. Most stylists have speculated that her dresses are getting shorter because it balances out the belly and looks better overall but Now magazine thinks there’s some other work at play. Kate doesn’t want Prince William to ever forget how hot she is!  Apparently she’s been stocking up on sexy lingerie and is determined to remind William how good he has it. Now even has a lingerie designer claiming Kate is all about her slinky designs.

Ugh. This bores me. I hate the “I’m pregnant and fat and I’m scared my husband won’t ever touch me again” worries. Biotches please. You know they will. Men are dumb at times but not that shallow. Besides I like the theory that Kate’s sluttin’ it up a little bit more because she’s worried the Cressida Bonas/Prince Harry romance will actually work out and she’ll have to share face time with Cressida’s half sister,  Lady Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe. That’s the smut I look for in these stories.

What do you think? Is Kate Middleton dressing sexy because she wants to keep Prince William interested or are the shorter hemlines just basic maternity dressing 101?

Photo Credit: BARM/Fame Pictures/UK

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