Kate Middleton Wardrobe Malfunction Highlights Last Public Engagement (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton Wardrobe Malfunction Highlights Last Public Engagement (PHOTOS) 0613

Are Kate Middleton wardrobe malfunctions just the way of the world? Should we expect them each and every appearance now like her constant hair twirling and heavy-handed eye liner? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Kate’s ass and I’m not talking about naked boobie scandals. True, in this instance she only flashed her underclothes, or her petticoat as The Royalist called it. I’d call it a slip but I’m not really up on my undies lingo. They usually don’t mesh well under my uniform of everyday yoga pants.

My pics don’t do the malfunction justice. There are better pics here. No major scandal but it’s happened enough times now for her to know better. Queen Elizabeth puts weights on all her dresses. You’d think Kate, who is so quick to emulate the frugal Monarch, would do the same. But she hasn’t yet so ass cheeks and petticoats will continue to stay. Lucky us!


So let’s talk pregnancy fashion. What do you think of this little dalmatian print Hobbs dress? I detest animal print of any kind but it’s OK I guess. Pregnant women wear prints for the illusion affect. It works. It’s cute. I’m meh about the whole thing. What I do love are the cheeks! Are my eyes deceiving me? Are they getting bigger? Are they getting rounder? You know she’s got to hate it! Her smiles aren’t quite so maniacal with the full face, are they? She was more subdued on this last engagement. I especially love the pic of her hunched over in the chair. Not the best posture we’ve seen my her. You know she’s got to be thinking, “Jesus Christ when’s this going to be OVER!”

Well, she’s done now. Kate’s got a couple supporting appearances with Prince William she’s scheduled to make but this was her last solo before she holes up with mom Carole Middleton to wait out the baby. So these might be our last solid pics for a very long time. Are you nervous?  What will we do???


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4 responses to “Kate Middleton Wardrobe Malfunction Highlights Last Public Engagement (PHOTOS)”

  1. Getting sick of Kate Middleton. Just have the baby already!

    • Victoria McGuire says:

      Much more sick of the kartrashaian clan crap and fake early delivery. She knew when she was do, it’s all for PR ratings. K family is so disgusting.

  2. Sorry says:

    Sick of the royals

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