Kate Middleton’s Having A Baby Girl! Duchess Of Cambridge Hints At Baby’s Gender On Visit

Kate Middleton's Having A Baby Girl! Duchess Of Cambridge Hints At Baby's Gender On Visit 0305

Looks like pink is the color for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. While out blessing the world with a day of work, Kate Middleton hinted that she may be having a baby girl. When a lady from Grimsby, England offered her a teddy bear during her visit this morning Kate said: “Thank you, I’ll take that for my d–“. And the hesitation wasn’t lost on the woman who replied: “You were going to say daughter weren’t you?” But Kate merely smiled and said she and William were not telling.

Oh but you just told us everything! Kate Middleton’s having a girl! Silly Kate. She can’t do a day of work without screwing everything up. Maybe if she did it a little more she’d be more polished? Prince William shouldn’t be too hard on her though. He basically did the same thing when he accepted a onesie from a fan on one of his meet and greet things. Taking the outfit tipped off the media that Kate would announce her pregnancy soon and, low and behold, she did. Kate can cover it up all she wants but my money is firmly on pink. Yea! Princess Victoria! How excited are you to have a princess again? It’s good. It works. By the time she gets around to rule we’ll be so bored with the reigns of Kings Charles and William. It will be nice timing. And think of the dresses. I can’t wait to see what Vicki will wear. Will she be a full blown Suri with heels and purses or more punk like Shiloh? This will be way too much fun. No offense to little boys but shopping for them sucks majorly. There’s just no comparison in the cuteness between girls’ and boys’ clothes.

Are you excited about the Kate Middleton/baby girl news? How badly are you secretly hoping it looks like Diana? You know you are!


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