Kate Middleton’s Ugly Official Portrait: Did Camilla Parker-Bowles Bribe The Artist?

Kate Middleton’s Ugly Official Portrait: Did Camilla Parker-Bowles Bribe The Artist?

Kate Middleton is known for being graceful, charismatic, demure, beautiful, athletic, personable, and elegant. Her stepmother, the cruel Camilla ParkerBowles, on the other hand, has a reputation that leans more towards the bitter side. The aging duchess is always in the news, upset with one thing, dissatisfied with someone’s behavior, or grubbing for more power and more status. Whether or not you agree with the accuracy of their media-produced public images, we can agree on one thing: the women are vastly different.

When Kate’s official portrait was unveiled, painted by Paul Emsley, the world took a collective gasp. While the painting was technically excellent, it showed a woman who looked old, all grey and withered. Nothing like our young, bubbly youthful Kate! Kate’s official response, of course, was delight, but not all within the palace walls are so diplomatic!

A source reported to National Enquirer, print edition February 11, 2013, that the portrait has made Camilla a laughingstock! “One palace official got the guffaws when he joked that the picture is either a horrific portrait of Kate . . . or a really great one of Camilla!” Ouch! While Camilla is no spring chicken, it isn’t exactly polite to compare her to the woman in the painting—whom I believe looks dead inside, and out!

The Buckingham Palace Guard behind the joke said the portrait makes Kate look “old, pudgy, and wrinkly,” a dreadful combination! But the jab can’t be good for Camilla-Kate relations. Not only is Kate more popular, but people want the monarchy to skip Prince Charles’ rule entirely, forcing Camilla to give up any last chance at being Queen! She can hardly use the guard’s insult as reason to be upset with Kate but will this turn into a Snow White, old witch, poisoned apple situation! Do you think Camilla looks as old and grey as Kate’s portrait or more like a wrinkly old rhino?

Kate Middleton’s Ugly Official Portrait: Did Camilla Parker-Bowles Bribe The Artist?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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  • I remember they said Camilla advised Diana to select that God awful wedding gown, knowing she would look like a sat upon cream puff. Diana thought she was on her side, in her innocence. Sometimes I wonder though, if Camilla wouldn’t be loved by the masses, if she had married Charles in the first place, and not been the hated “3rd person in the marriage?” She is such a salty old lush, kinda get a charge outta her.

  • William should commission artists to do a portrait of his beloved every few years, in different styles and techniques, They could open a gallery to the public, and let the Middletons have a take. Tourists would go in droves.