Katharine McPhee Caught Kissing Married Michael Morris: HOMEWRECKER

Katharine McPhee Caught Kissing Married Michael Morris: HOMEWRECKER

Former American Idol runner up and Smash star Katharine McPhee has been a bad girl, at least according to TMZ.  Katherine has been married to Nick Cokas for almost five years yet she was caught yesterday making out with her former Smash director Michael Morris.  Worse still not only is Katharine married, so is Michael.  Michael has been married for three years to actress Mary McCormack, and has three young daughters.

Katharine is said to be living apart from her husband and they have no children together. Katharine told Lucky Magazine in January, “I once thought that by now I’d have lots of children, but actually I’m really enjoying being able to go from point A to point B and the only worry I have is have my dogs been walked.  I’m selfish right now, but that’s how and where I should be. The thing is, work is the thing I love the most.”

It is really nice Katharine only has to worry about her dogs, but what about Mary and Michael’s three children?  There has always been something about Katherine not likeable, she gives off an aura of, “I am not as sweet as I pretend to be.”  So it does not surprise me that Katharine is selfish enough to run after a married man.

Katharine and Michael were not shy about kissing, canoodling and holding hands in public, in the daytime in LA.  They did not seem to care who saw them and their PDA.  They just smiled for the cameras.  So now we can add to Katharine’s list of credentials, Homewrecker!

Imagine the pain Mary is going to feel seeing the photos.  I hope Mary kicks Michael to the curb and takes him for every penny he has!