Brandon Blackstock Serial Cheater, Cheats On Kelly Clarkson With Second Woman?

Brandon Blackstock Serial Cheater, Cheats On Kelly Clarkson With Second Woman?

The Dirty has an interesting new exclusive about Kelly Clarkson‘s and Brandon Blackstock‘s seemingly happy marriage. I say ‘seemingly’ because there are rumors that Brandon is already cheating on Kelly, which makes it doubly horrible considering she’s pregnant with their first child.

The Dirty claims to have ‘verified’ a story that a random woman put forth about sleeping with Brandon when he was still dating/engaged to Kelly. This woman explains her story in detail, saying, “[At an afterparty], Brandon approached a group of my friends and I and bought us drinks. We all went back to his hotel room and had more drinks. My friends left but I stayed behind and yes, we had sex that night. I’m also now (5 months) pregnant. It was the first time I’d ever had a one night stand and I’m so ashamed by it. I even asked him about Kelly and his reply was, “She ain’t gotta know. This kind of thing happens in this business all the time.” 

Well, if this is true, she’s not to be absolved in the blame here. She can refuse to accept responsibility all she wants, but she willingly had sex with dude who was taken. Also, she claims she doesn’t want money or child support, just that she wants Brandon to own up to his mistakes. But if that’s the case, why publish the report in the first place? Why not just go directly to Brandon? It’s not hard to prove paternity with today’s technology. I’m sensing a load of bullsh**. There’s a small chance that her story could be true, and it’s possible that Brandon is a serial cheater, but this particular story sets off too many alarm bells. With a baby on the way, wouldn’t it have been more lucrative to publish her story in Star? Even if she wasn’t looking for compensation, it would receive more reader coverage. Also, how on earth did the Dirty ‘verify’ this report? It says verified, but there’s no way they could have verified this without talking to Brandon and/or with videos/photos – which there’s no hint of.

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Photo Credit: FameFlynet