Kris Jenner Grooming Kendall Jenner As The Next Sex Tape Daughter? (PHOTOS)

Kris Jenner Makes Kendall Jenner The Next Sex Tape Daughter? (PHOTOS)

Kris Jenner, with her older daughters firmly established as reality television fame whores, is now turning more of her attention to her younger daughters. Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Kris’ daughters with her second husband Bruce Jenner, are increasingly gaining more attention thanks to their momager’s obsessive need to make money and keeping her family relevant in the media.

Kendall and Kylie are following in the Kardashian sisters’ footsteps by becoming models. Kris has a lot of plans for the Jenner girls, and I would not be surprised if Kris tells Kendall she should make a sex tape. Kris is obsessed with sex. She loves that Kim has become known for her sex tape and encouraged Kim to continue taking off her clothes. Now Kris wants to continue using this winning formula for another daughter.

She approves photo shoots for Kendall to give her a sex symbol image. Kendall often models clothes showing skin. She likes to pose practically nude and post the pictures online.  In Touch published a quote from a friend of Kris’ saying “Kris has been dressing her daughters in push-up bras and minidresses since they hit their teens. Like Kim, Kendall even modeled a skimpy bikini for the White Sands Spring-Summer 2012 collection, stirring public outrage. ‘Kris wants her girls to be sex symbols,’ like Kim.

Kris Jenner Grooming Kendall Jenner As The Next Sex Tape Daughter? (PHOTOS)

The Daily Mail published an article today about the Jenner sisters. One picture of Kendall shows her dressed in a crop top and trousers that show off her midriff. The article is about Kendall and Kylie’s newest projects, but I know they are also pushing Kris’ agenda of making Kendall a sex symbol by publishing that particular photo. I don’t blame Kendall for her skanky image. Her momager is a Svengali who is trying to keep Kendall under her spell.  However, the Calabasas Dictator may not always get her way. There have been reports that Kendall is rebelling and I was thrilled to read that news. Allegedly Kendall is hanging out with weed aficionado Lil Twist and getting tattoos.  I hope Kendall comes to her senses and sees what her mother has done to her.

Photo Credit: Instagram