Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian Furious With Selfish Kim Kardashian’s Ungratefulness

Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian Furious With Selfish Kim Kardashian’s Ungratefulness

I have to say, I expected to hear about Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian flipping out on their sister Kim Kardashian a whole lot sooner than now. Kim Kardashian has managed to transform herself into the most self-absorbed, miserable pregnant woman ever to land in the public eye. At first I understood that it was hard to adjust to her changing body but after a few months – shut the hell up already. Her focus should be on growing that baby – remember she is having one of those? We never hear about pregnancy details or see a hint of excitement. All Kim talks about is how nothing fits her. I really would have thought that momager, Kris Jenner would have prepped her on how to project a better image as a pregnant woman. Tell us about your baby, not you custom made ridonkulous leather skirt!

Anyway, Kourtney if furious at Kim for dragging her sagging ass to the gym and blatantly ignoring her doctor’s order which believe it or not, include partial bed rest! After having two kids and proving to be a good mother herself, Kourtney can’t begin to understand how her sister could be so selfish and put her baby at risk.

Khloe is in total agreement with Kourtney and then has her own personal bone to pick with Kimmie. Khloe has tried for years, unsuccessfully to have a baby of her own with hubby, Lamar Odom. Kim constantly slams her pregnancy which makes Khloe want to slam her because at this point, she would give body parts to be in Kim’s shoes right now. Both sisters think that Kim is acting like an ungrateful bitch according to the May 6th print edition of Life & Style. Their usually close relationship is really suffering right now.

Are you surprised that Kourtney and Khloe have had enough of Kim’s crap? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • What a big fat Lie! You guys go to any lengths for a story. Whomever wrote this article is clearly a Kim hater. You are trying to create a story from the Ryan Seacrest interview.Since that interview she has spoken on E!upfront red carpet saying how excited she is. Secondly those sisters would never divulge this info “Celebrity Laundry”. So stop insulting us with your fabrication.

    • earsucker

      aww is someone mad? Kim is a total famewhore and she’s playing up this pregnancy as much as possible.

      • greekgoddess

        soon the miscarriage …lol

    • greekgoddess

      STFU KIM …LOLwhatsamatter your latex strap-on too hot today ?

  • KabooseKim

    FINALLY! An article that says what the majority of us posters have been saying ALL along! Kim is “the most self-absorbed, miserable pregnant woman ever to land in the public eye” and “is acting like an ungrateful bitch.” As whiny as she is and has been thru this entire pregnancy, I can only imagine how bad its going to get for her when she finally goes into labor. She has no idea what actual pain feels like! PLEASE film that so we can all watch it!

  • Sorry

    They are all disgusting!

  • FriedKudzu

    Oh poor Kim! To be so completely burdened by the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth. And on top of that, she actually has to make a sacrifice for her child by experiencing some discomfort & weight gain while pregnant. Some people sure have a tough life.
    * rolls eyes *

    • greekgoddess

      thank the gods this piss slut will not procreate ..

  • greekgoddess

    they are angry for having to go along with this ridiculous ‘charade’ instigated by kimode & pimpmomma …
    kourtney & khloe have lied enough to cover the skanks shenanigans …
    soon it will be a phoney miscarriage …
    this is even worse than the phoney marriage …
    the sisters better separate themselves from pimpmomma & kimode before it’s too late …
    the dumbest idiot on earth knows that a pregnant woman far along would NEVAH evah fly to a remote greek island …
    her family would stop it first of all …
    in mykonos any kind of medical emergency would be a disaster as a person would have to be transported by helicopter to the mainland …
    they went too far on this one …
    they are fraudsters & liars ..
    khloe & kourtney are obviously sick & tired of the antics & who can blame them ?
    kanye was also deceived ..
    he had a contract but was tricked into this too ….
    the 2 of them have no choice but to create a phoney miscarriage which will be the end of them …they underestimated the public & will pay for it …
    the sisters should have separated themselves long ago ..
    hopefully they will do so soon ….

  • greekgoddess

    it’s obvious the sisters cannot stand her ….but they are old enuf to stand on their own 2 feet now …they better do it soon while they still have some likeability …