Khloe Kardashian Kicks Cheating Lamar Odom Out After Discovering Year Long Affair

Khloe Kardashian Kicks Cheating Lamar Odom Out After Discovering Year Long Affair 0710

The internet’s abuzz with fresh Lamar Odom cheating rumors. Apparently these latest might have some sticking power. According to the latest Star magazine, a couple days ago Khloe Kardashian caught Lamar in a lie and realized he’s been cheating this last year while on the road like just about every other basketball player in the league. Really ladies, have Tiger Woods, David Beckham Kobe Bryant and Tony Parker taught us nothing? NEVER MARRY A PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE.

The other woman is Jennifer Richardson. Lamar Odom’s been hitting this piece in D.C. I  guess. Since there are probably no pics and this is the hundredth cheating story to come out of this couple I’m hesitant to pay it any more attention that I have to. Does Lamar cheat on the road? Probably. Would Khloe freak out enough to throw him out of the house over it? I’m not so sure. This couple always seemed like a business arrangement to me anyway. Khloe’s not stupid. She knows you have to have a storyline if you’re going to be a lucrative part of the Kardashians and the “not so pretty one whose husband cheated on her because she’s not so pretty” probably isn’t the way she wants to go. She’s much happier as the “stable Kardashian with the low-key husband that loves her”. That ain’t changing anytime soon.

What I prefer to believe is that Kris Jenner pissed off a lot of magazines this weekend by delaying the North West pics yet again so she had to give them something. Marital problems are always a good sell. They’re best when coming from Kim Kardashian but the day is early. I’m sure some tabloid will feature a Kanye West Cheating headline somewhere!


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11 responses to “Khloe Kardashian Kicks Cheating Lamar Odom Out After Discovering Year Long Affair”

  1. oh snap! this really wouldn’t surprise me.

  2. busybeeblogger says:

    Now I REALLY hope she isn’t knocked up.

  3. […] on the street is that Khloe found out Lamar has been stepping out with D.C. hottie, Jennifer Richardson, for the past year. He met her on the road during the season and developed a taste. There’s a […]

  4. Angel 2009 says:

    The K Trash publicity machine is in overdrive because PMK needs to boost interest in her talk show premier – she’s never been above using and trashing her own family for a specific gain.

  5. lilgrandma says:

    I hope it’s true!!Just b/c she white and rich she thinks he wouldn’t cheat on her ass!And all that shit she got done guess didn’t work LMAO!!! They all ho’s and she go after another dumbass!! They so easy that it won’t be a problem!

  6. […] about photographers following you and asking certain questions. The questions had to go like “how could you cheat on your infertile wife?“. It’s recently been reported by TMZ that after the questions started coming in the […]

  7. Annemarie says:

    Glad she kicked his butt to the curb, what a douche!

  8. Robyn says:

    I never liked him use to watch their show all he wanted to do was play video games.

  9. allie says:

    He’s lucky to have Khloe, he’s challenged in the looks department. Plus, he was a Laker.

  10. […] Uh-oh, the only thing that Kris Jenner likes less than her bank account dwindling is when a member of the family isn’t playing by the Kardashian Money Making Machine’s rules and my guess is that Lamar Odom is on his way out of the fold. News broke all over the place yesterday about Lamar’s rumored year-long affair with stripper, Jennifer Richardson and how he and Khloe Kardashian are currently living apart. […]

  11. […] the only one who Lamar was fooling around with. That might not fly with Khloe Kardashian. Jennifer Richardson may not be Lamar’s only piece on the side but she is the only one […]