Khloe Kardashian and The Game: Rapper Talks About Living With Khloe and Sex (VIDEO)

Khloe Kardashian and The Game: Rapper Talks About Living With Khloe and Sex (VIDEO)

Did anyone else know that The Game used to hang out with Khloe Kardashian? Apparently, they were total BFFs, or at least, that’s what The Game makes their relationship sound like.

In a recent video interview (see video below), he revealed, “Let me tell people something about me. Khloe is one of my best friends in life. Me, Khloe, three other of my friends, who were all males, we had a house that we all rented. That was in Burbank when we were all struggling artists, or trying to figure out where we go next, or where we’re going to end up in life. And we all stayed in the same house.”

Yeah, that’s where Khloe stayed while she learned the art of getting famous for doing nothing and riding off her sister’s coattails. Struggling artists, yeah right. What exactly is Khloe’s ‘art’? Reality television and famewhoring don’t count.

Of course, The Game claims that his relationship with Khloe was never romantic in the slightest, adding, “It’s not physical or sexual. Khloe’s like a sister to me, and will always be a good friend to me. And that’s where it stops. Lamar [Odom] is my homie, and she’s his wife, and Khloe’s loyal to their marriage.”

Hmm, it’s interesting that he adds the part about Lamar. Is he trying to say that if it wasn’t for the marriage, he would have made a move? Well, he’s free to do so now, considering Lamar and Khloe are no longer married, and she’s sure as hell not loyal to their marriage anymore.

What do you guys think? Can you see The Game dating Khloe? He insists their relationship is platonic and that they never hooked up, but I’m having a hard time imagining that Khloe lived with him for so long and nothing ever happened.

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