Khloe Kardashian’s Real Biological Father Revealed By OJ Simpson To Bruce Jenner In Order To Destroy Kris Jenner (PHOTOS)

Khloe Kardashian's Real Biological Father Revealed By OJ Simpson To Bruce Jenner In Order To Destroy Kris Jenner (PHOTOS)

I have to admit, I kind of love how OJ Simpson always tries to angle his way in to an already teetering situation. When the former gridiron great heard that Bruce and Kris Jenner had finally split he saw it as a great opportunity to be of help, to Bruce. According to the Nov. 4th print edition of National Enquirer OJ reached out to Bruce, offering to share a closet full of secrets that would easily destroy Kris. First amongst the set of ugly secrets Kris is hiding is who is the real biological father of Khloe Kardashian? That Robert Kardashian’s seed was no part of Khloe’s conception is a well known fact – but was it Alex Roldan, Kris’ hairdresser and lover,  one of Kris’ other secret lovers, or OJ himself?  Well apparently Mr. Simpson knows and he’s willing to share that info with Bruce.

You have to remember, Kris was very close to OJ back in the 80’s and early 90’s and in recent years she has been forced to shoot down rumors of an affair when they were both married, she to Robert Kardashian and OJ to Nicole Brown Simpson. What prompted OJ’s sudden dislike of Kris? He was stunned and infuriated when Kris implicated him in his late wife’s murder while speaking on the record for her 2011 book.  OJ is the kind of guy that holds a grudge and he has spent the last two years waiting for an opportunity to swing back and he see’s this as the perfect striking moment.

OJ asked Bruce to visit him in prison so that they can have a real talk. I’m not sure that Bruce would even entertain the idea of teaming up with this clown. I kind of suspect Bruce has enough ammo of his own to bring down Kris’s empire if he really wants to do that. As of now I think he would be happy to simply walk away in peace but I think if she makes this ugly then he will definitely come out swinging!

Can you imagine Bruce visiting OJ for information on his ex? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Some pics with a visual indication that Khloe is not a full sister to Kim and Kourtney – check out the shot of her beside OJ’s daughter, Sydney Simpson, and the two pics beside an older and younger Alex Roldan. Hmm…

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    I’m sure Bruce knows and couldn’t care less.