Scott Disick Playing Daddy For Kim Kardashian’s Baby – Bad Idea?

Scott Disick Playing Daddy For Kim Kardashian's Baby - Bad Idea? 0515

I suppose when Kanye West is away the children will play. And Kanye West is gone a lot.

Kim Kardashian utilized Scott Disick’s daddy expertise today and added him as her plus one to a baby CPR class. Kanye’s apparently busy in New York. At first I thought Scott was a shitty choice. Why him? Why not one of her sisters or a girlfriend but then I figured Kourtney Kardashian wouldn’t mind if he brushed up on his baby knowledge since he’s got Penelope at home. But then I wondered if they’re filming. They’ve got to be filming, right? Kim’s got war paint/make-up going on. So Kris Jenner probably encouraged the twosome so Scott could annoy the cameras with all of his hilarious (not really) antics during the class making sure absolutely no one comes away with anything whatsoever.

In other baby daddy news, sources are telling Radar Online that Kanye and Kim will be over before the baby is even born. Does that surprise anyone else? And then Kanye’s $750,000 Lamborghini was just caught in the gates outside Kim’s house. I’m telling you… that guy is a walking time bomb at this point. There are just not having any luck. Do you believe in omens? I don’t but I love to look for them. I’m not sensing good omens here. It’s been shit after shit for Kanye. There’s only so much pressure before a dude snaps. Technically he already snapped but this is Kanye, it can get much, much worse.

Was Scott a good partner for the Kim Kardashian/baby CPR trip? Scott’s a pretty good dad actually and he’s around all the time which probably helps.


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