Kim Kardashian Banned From Future Met Balls Because Of Kanye West Screeching?

Kim Kardashian Banned From Future Met Balls Because Of Kanye West Screeching? 0508

The Kim Kardashian Met Ball ban most likely will be back in effect next year because the last thing Anna Wintour needed was a proper reason to hate and Kanye West gave her one. Page Six is reporting that Kanye made a right ass of himself during his performance for the punk-themed event. Everything was pre-programmed ahead of time but Kanye threw it all out the window the second he took the stage. Instead of playing old hits and rocking the crowd with familiar beats he started screaming his new Paris sounds in the microphone in what one onlooker described as “screeching”. Kanye West also gave that lovely pep talk/shout out to baby mama and fashionably-challenged Kim Kardashian. I wish I could have seen Wintour’s head look like it was about to explode at that minute!

So suffice it to say they won’t be asked back next year? Why piss off Wintour? Kanye is a dumb ass. He has a clothing line coming out for crying out loud and he annoys the most important woman in the industry. And Kim needs those Met Ball invitations if she’s going to branch out from the reality star brand and become a major fashion power player like both she and Kanye want. It doesn’t make sense. I have to point out that Vogue and the Metropolitan Museum of Art have said they enjoyed Kanye’s performance but of course they are going to say that. Maybe they expected the drama. Kanye is not exactly the most reliable cannon on stage. But should he have played it safer knowing everything that was on the line for Kim? There’s no way Kim is ever going to get an invitation as anything other than someone’s plus one. Should she be kicking him in the ass right about now? I would. But she should probably kick herself in the ass first for ever thinking he’d put her needs before his ego.


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13 responses to “Kim Kardashian Banned From Future Met Balls Because Of Kanye West Screeching?”

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  3. earsucker says:

    I’m sure they had to kiss an amazing amount of Anna Wintour’s butt to get Kim an invite in the first place…LOL

  4. lalalala says:

    they probably had to pay her to even let KIm in…they’re absolutely pathetic in every way possible. I hope they both get banned from the public in every way.

    • midgetporn says:

      they are shunned in polite society …
      if anna wants to save her rep’ she will get rid of tisci ….thus , getting rid of yeezy & eazy in the process ….

  5. lilgrandma says:

    Anna should lose kanye A$$!He ain’t shit any more he just a dumb fu*k that’s all! Just like his ho!Anna why you let the ho in why?I will not spend my money on kanye shit!Or the ho shit too!!They really need to get out of the USA!! And so sick of hollyood ppl talking shit about them and then they see them ho’s and treat them like they r friends!Hollywood are 2 face ppl!! Stop kissing their A$$ they are just a big joke!!And now so is kanye!He is truning like a pu$$y like the others pu$$y’s in that family!!They never had a real man to stand up to them!

    • midgetporn says:

      annas’ rep ‘ has been in serious trouble for awhile now ..the riccardo tisci/ kanye thing is ridic’ …kanye is DUNZO & to make him into a fashion designer is absurd ..riccardos’ career has suffered alot because of this too …

  6. Allie says:

    Hilarious if true.

  7. midgetporn says:

    anna must put up with kanye because riccardo tisci is kanyes ‘ longterm lover …& HE wanted kanye to perform not anna …
    kim has never been more than kanyes ‘beard’ ….
    she is a laughingstock & shunned on the fashion circuit …

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