Kim Kardashian Birth Complications Have Kris Jenner Terrified

Kim Kardashian Birth Complications Have Kris Jenner Terrified 0602

Can we just stop with the facade? Kris Jenner’s terrified of the Kim Kardashian birth and the plastic surgery complications after. She’s had six kids. She knows what’s up. It’s just those little nips and tucks that have her so hot and bothered. And there’s probably a little nagging in the back of her mind that Kanye West won’t bother to show up on time and she’ll have to deal with the repercussions of that nonsense in between the epidural and the c-section. But we’re not supposed to say that right? Should we just keep up appearances and pretend we’re talking about Kim Kardashian’s delivery? Oh sure, why the hell not.

While talking to Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show on Friday, Kris let her fears out: “I’m really, truthfully nervous about Kim giving birth and getting through this whole baby thing. That, for me, I’m excited and anxious at the same time.”

I suppose that’s normal for any mom. Kourtney’s tough. She’s got some inner resolve and can handle things. Kim tends to whine and bitch to Kris a lot. I can’t tell you exactly how many times Kim’s cried on that show of hers but it’s been a lot more than anyone else. Trust.

Kim, for her part, has said that she’s not nervous or scared of the ordeal. Of course she’s not. She knows once the needle hits the spine it’s smooth sailing. And she’s had her share of plastic surgery. She knows how liposuction feels the day after. Relax Kris! Ain’t no thang!

In other Kardashian news…. Anyone going to tune in tonight for the big baby reveal? I’m not gonna lie. I would but Sundays are just too heavy for me. I have Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Real Housewives, and a husband who I’m going to have to fight with to watch any of it in real time instead of on DVR tomorrow. Sometimes I can get him to stay quiet during GOT but that won’t happen for the Kardashians. I might have to wait until Monday morning to find out she’s having a girl!


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3 responses to “Kim Kardashian Birth Complications Have Kris Jenner Terrified”

  1. Sorry says:

    What about her brain complications?

  2. drdebo says:

    i think the complication will be more like eclampsia…..and premie birth.

  3. lilgrandma says:

    kris is a sorry mother b/c just b/c Kourtney stronger don’t mean she didn’t need her mom! kim a grown ho and treats her like a 6 yrs old.she should have been worry about the sex tape.dumbass bitches they just a fucking big joke!!!They should burn in hell!!