Kim Kardashian Blames Kris Humphries For Miscarriage Scare

Kim Kardashian Blames Kris Humphries For Miscarriage Scare 0308

Of course she is! Why not? If she doesn’t blame him she’d have to start scrutinizing her own behavior and that would just be too much. Let’s all blame Kris Humphries’ divorce stalling for the Kim Kardashian miscarriage episode. He’s the one that told her to travel to Nigeria, Paris and Brazil for work. He’s the one that forced her to live in high heels and shoot her reality TV show and he’s definitely the one that told her ass to stay in the gym every day to fight the losing battle of gaining pregnancy weight. Damn you and your selfish ways Kris Humphries!

This is all courtesy of the New York Daily News by the way. It’s reporting that her workout schedule should NOT be blamed. You hear that everybody? Lay off Tracy Anderson! She’s done nothing wrong. It’s actually Kim’s sleep schedule that caused all the pain. A source said her night nights have been all off because of the stress of the pending trial with Kris. So… sleep deprivation probably doesn’t have anything to do with constantly traveling then?

All joking aside, Kim’s people have come out saying mommy and baby are fine but Page Six, who was the first to dish the miscarriage story yesterday, is gabbing today that Kim is still worried because she’s awaiting test results. For what, I have no idea. Apparently a source told Page Six this whole thing was a wake up call for her and she’s going to start relaxing a bit more. Do people really need wake up calls of this magnitude? Kris Jenner had six kids. Kourtney Kardashian has two. These women couldn’t have sat you down and told you to stop all this shit? Some people need to be hit over the head with things. This is the woman who married Kris Humphries after all….

Speaking of Kris again, Radar Online has a story this morning about how he’s pissed that he’s getting blamed for the whole situation and is threatening to subpoena Kim’s medical records to find out what the real culprit is. I don’t think he can do that. That seems awfully invasive but Kris thinks he’s a lawyer now so let’s let him keep having his fun.

Do you think it’s fair Kris is taking the heat for Kim’s health? Shouldn’t she know better or is it just easier to blame the big tall dumb guy?

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  • lilgrandma

    she is just a DOG!! Nothing is real with her and her family anymore!!!go ahead and make fun of Kris.h but kim still beats him!!! she is a LIAR,FAKE and most of all a BIG HOE!!!she needs to sit her FAT A$$ and do good!! Why do ppl kiss her ass soo much!!she really needs to stay the HELL away fr tv!!! they need to take a BIG BREAK fr tv and get their life together! I hate this family so much that i would be afarid to see them for i would kick kim ass first!!!she really needs to slow down on that pu$$y of her’s!I wouldn’t touch her now for she is so nasty dirty looking now!!!and all thoses black dicks going in her YUCK!!!!AMERCIA needs to get RID of THEM!!! They are nothing but a big fat JOKE anymore!!!!kanye really fu*k up with going with kim!!!!We need to clean up AMERICA!!!

  • lilgrandma

    she is full of SHIT!!! she needs to blame somebody b/c the hoe thinks she doing good!!This the biggest hoe and the nasty white HOE!!Her pu$$y is so wide fr all the black dicks she had that she won’t have a problem pushing it out!!!kim and her family are the big JOKE of the 2013!!!and kanye right behind!!! she is so dumbass b/c if kanye really love her he shouldn’t be posting that he fu*k kim real hard!! so there is the proof that kanye thinks she is a HOE!!! and he gets mad for us calling her one when he did the SAME!!!!Let’s clean out the USA by getting them out!!!so sick of this ppl!!!buy a rocket and go live in the moon and take thoses nasty white trash family with you!!!if i was kim i would be ashame of showing all over!!but she and her family don’t have no shame i forgot LOL!!

  • ARealHousewifeInOC

    I called this crap as soon as her fat ass got pregnant….faking a damn miscarriage. This pig will do anything to stay on a damn cover and her pathetic fans to keep watching her show hoping to see this stupid shit played out on TV.

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