Kim Kardashian Denies Botox Allegations – Do We Believe Her?

Kim Kardashian Denies Botox Allegations - Do We Believe Her? 0530

Her face has been looking all sorts of crazy lately…. But botox? Kim Kardashian is vain but is she that vain to pump the juice while pregnant? Sources say yes but, if you’ve noticed, sources will pretty much say anything about our Kimmy. Still… you want to believe this, right? It just fits the mold and gives us more schadenfreude.

Radar Online reports Kim is so obsessed with staying young and keeping her beauty in tact she’s keeping up with the injections even as she passes the eight-month pregnant mark – all behind Kanye West’s back of course. You’ll remember Kanye’s mom sadly died from plastic surgery complications. The source says he’ll freak out if he finds out about Kim’s continued dabbling. The cat’s out of the bag now. Is this why he’s avoiding her all over town?

But I’m sorry Kardashian haters. You know how much I love to shit on reality’s princess but I just can’t get behind this story and it’s not because I think Kim actually cares more for her baby than her looks. She’s plumper. Case closed. People with more meat on their bones look younger. It’s a scientific fact (don’t hold me to that) and one of the reasons I’m actually beginning to appreciate my round cheeks now that I’m starting my 30s. People with a little chub chub age better. Skinny older people with no wrinkles are definitely getting the needle – always bank on that. So that’s why I don’t think Kim’s poisoning her child. She really doesn’t need to. Her 70-pound weight gain is actually saving her money in fillers and plastic surgery. Kim Kardashian is all natural – for now. Just wait til that baby’s born though… it will be a cornucopia of fillers/tummy tucks and injectables after that! Kris Jenner already has them lined up. Trust.


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One response to “Kim Kardashian Denies Botox Allegations – Do We Believe Her?”

  1. mb says:

    It’s definitely a BS tabloid story!!