Kim Kardashian Embarrassed By Vogue, Met Ball Appearance A Major Disaster!

Kim Kardashian Embarrassed By Vogue, Met Ball Appearance A Major Disaster! 0510

Oh God, this just made it all worth it. The sofa cushion fabric; the hideous gloves; the changing dresses at the last minute story; the Kanye West performance shout out all combined to help Kim Kardashian think she truly made it in the fashion world at her first Met Ball appearance. But with one little snip from photo shop, Anna Wintour and her minions clearly showed Kim her place and that it was not with them.

Vogue CROPPED Kim out of the event! It’s like she was never there! Amazing.

On it’s site, vogue highlighted around 70 of the best looks from the Met Ball and it’s no surprise Kim wasn’t on it. But it’s the way she wasn’t on it which was so freaking bitchy. They threw up a pic of Kanye that obviously showed how they cut Kim out and it’s so badly done. It’s like a second grader just learning photo shop did it. What makes matters worse is that Vogue left other photos of people with their plus ones so the Kim omission is just more glaring. I get her dress was shit but Vogue could have done a solid to Kanye since her performed. Or are they still pissed about all that? And Anna Wintour had dinner with Kanye and Kim before the event! To me, that seems like they are on good terms. And then she does this? God damn, that’s brilliant. That woman is my hero. She told Kim to sit down forever and always.

Do you feel even the least bit sorry for Kim Kardashian? Vogue totally embarrassed her. It’s awesome, don’t get me wrong, but damn… harsh.

Photo Credit: Diane Cohen/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

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