Kim Kardashian’s Baby Pics Leaked! Family Claiming They’re Fake To Keep Lucrative Magazine Deal?

Kim Kardashian's Baby Pics Leaked! Family Claiming They're Fake To Keep Lucrative Magazine Deal? 0625

Haha, wouldn’t that be a bitch? Kim Kardashian goes through all the trouble to release fake baby pics only to find out her mother was the rat all along. It’s better than scripted TV, which means it’s better than anything on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

OK, so by now you’ve probably heard the story. Kim Kardashian sent out a couple fake baby pics to a handful of friends because she was sure someone would try to release/sell them and she wanted to catch the person in the act. Sure enough, TMZ reported today that it’s been contacted by someone with one of the pics. Sources confirmed via Kim’s camp that the pics are fake.

First off, if that’s not Kim’s baby then whose is it? Did Kanye West just mosey on down to the maternity ward and take a pic of some kid? Who let that happen? Aren’t most babies kept in the same room with their parents nowadays? Did he just go around knocking on doors until someone let them use their kid as a decoy? That’s kinda bizarre. You know who does things like this? Prince William. Are Kim and Kanye really that deranged about their status now?

OR… the Kim Kardashian fake baby pics are not fake at all and TMZ is just doing the Kardashians a solid right now while they freak out over the rat. That could be more likely. Have you noticed that, more times than not, TMZ runs pretty complimentary stories of the Kardashians? They have such a tight source it’s almost as if Kris Jenner keeps them on speed dial. I’m just saying…. We have no reason to believe these aren’t the real pics. We are supposed to doubt them just because TMZ told us to? Kim could have very well been betrayed by a friend but not over fake pics. These Kim  Kardashian baby photos could be the real deal. The last thing Kim wants to do is acknowledge they’re real especially since tomorrow is tabloid cover day. Maybe People magazine has something for us?? People would be none to happy if their big cover was ruined with leaked photos wouldn’t you say?

Let’s keep our ears perked throughout the day. I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of this.


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