Kanye West Refuses To Marry Kim Kardashian — Only Wanted A Baby! (Photo)

Kanye West Refuses To Marry Kim Kardashian -- Only Wanted A Baby! (Photo)

Reality star Kim Kardashian covers the latest issue of In Touch Weekly and it’s not looking good for Kanye West’s baby’s mama!

Apparently Kim was all like “You and me and baby makes three” with Kanye, but he’s giving her the cold shoulder. She got a divorce so that she could attach herself to Kanye physically and financially and probably thought that she would be set for life. That was until she finally came to the realization that her fat gigantic butt was only being used as a baby incubator!

The tabloid reports that Kanye has been using Kim and he refuses to propose to her. Not shocking, really. Considering that she has already shown her babymaker for millions of dollars, she’s nothing better than a baby factory at this point. Did she really think he would make her Mrs. Kanye West when it all came down to it? She wants marriage, as she has already said, but is he going to give it to her? Our guess is no, considering that since she’s gotten pregnant, he hasn’t really spent that much time with her. In addition, he let her piggy self sit in the hot Grecian sun for days before sending a plane for her to take her whiny self to Paris.

What do you think? Is another, THIRD, Kim Kardashian wedding in the works? Or is Kim just wishful thinking at this point?

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  • Karma!! now she knows how it feels to be used for just money and fame. She and the whole family deserve everything they get .Bunch of gold diggers ,sad to live your life using others to get ahead.

  • alicia a

    Sh is gettng her payback for all the dirt shes done and all the lies she told, and how she did kris hump… thats what she gets,,running around proud to be a baby mama,, well keep the title woman.. time to sit your injected booty down somewhere!

  • peggy harris