Kim Kardashian Gives Birth Naturally – C-Section Impossible After Premature Labor

Kim Kardashian Gives Birth Naturally - C-Section Impossible After Premature Labor

As you may have already heard, reality star Kim Kardashian has given birth to her daughter with Kanye West. It was quite the news to hear since she had a due date of July 11th — or so they’ve said.

There were rumors floating around that Kim was feeling way too posh to push, so she was planning on undergoing a C-section. She reportedly already had everything setup so that she would be able to give birth to their baby without having to go through any of the pain involved.


We can’t say that we’d blame her — she is rich and famous and can have a birth scheduled so that the baby can be extracted without incident. We’re guessing that her premature (or was it?) labor likely threw a bit of a monkey wrench into her C-section plans?

Or perhaps the media is lying and she really did have a C-section when she gave birth? There are conspiracy theories surrounding every bit of this birth, don’t you think? Share your thoughts below.

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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  • busybeeblogger

    I’m going to say that she was telling everyone the WRONG date. She wasn’t early.

  • ya, was wondering how she could have had a c-section when she had a pre-mature birth

    • anjealka

      A lot of premature births are done by C-section. If a baby is in trouble then a c-section is the quickest way to deliver and get treatment. Look at Mom Duggars last baby, it was premature at 1lb, would have been an easy delivery after 18 kids, but a C-section was done to get the baby care. I had 2 babies at 34 weeks and they were both C-sections.

  • Victoria McGuire

    Lied about the due date to draw attention and comparison to the Duchess birth all for PR reasons. She knew when whe was due and pre-scheduled the C-section ti time when kanye would be in town. I don’t believe, however that he was in the delivery room but the E-cameras were, per Kris j.

  • Sorry

    She lied about her due date! No way Trashian wasn’t getting a tummy tuck with a c-section.

  • shari

    She gave the wrong due date – can’t blame her.

  • Robyn

    I am going to say you are gullable and she lied about the date and had a tummy tuck and lip right after and she is going to miraculously lose weight very fast….

  • Annemarie

    Don’t buy it she totally lied about her due date!

  • anjealka

    I sure hope not..I can see her crying next to her 5lb baby that spends 1 day in the NICU saying she is so scared the baby will die. I see a whole storyline being written now.

  • Guest123

    Liars. We all know that Kim and PR manager mom Kris Jenner have been known to lie a time or two.

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