Kanye West Threatens To Leave Kim Kardashian and Baby Girl If Kris Jenner Calls In The Media

Kanye West Threatens To Leave Kim Kardashian and Baby Girl If Kris Jenner Calls In The Media

Kim Kardashian’s baby girl is almost 48 hours old and she has said absolutely nothing so far – we mean Mama! No gushing social networking posts about her perfect daughter. No photo bombing just yet. Even most of the Kardashian family has kept their mouths mostly shut about the new baby and this is all completely out of character for this attention seeking family.

So why the silence? Because it’s the only way that Kanye West is going to be involved right now. As Kimmie spent the last 8 months with cameras shoved in her face at every turn, Kanye fled the country under the guise of working on his album. It’s easier to write, record and bang random chicks when your baby mama is an ocean away.


He did return in time for his daughter’s early arrival and will be there at Kim’s side as long as the paparazzi is locked out. He has demanded that his child be kept out of the spotlight and when it was rumored that Kim would let E!’s cameras into the delivery room Kanye informed her he wouldn’t be there. So Kim, at least for now, has chosen to do this Kanye’s way. I’m sure it’s easy to let him take control, especially as she’s recovering but once she’s strutting out of the hospital in her red backs, then what?

How long before Kim decides to cash in on her ingenious itty bitty publicity tool? You and I both know that Kim can’t help but attention-seek and she always justifies over-sharing her life because it’s what her fans want. Will having a child change her at all? I’m inclined to say no but then there’s always Snooki- an example of a mom who did a complete 180 the minute she gave birth. Can Kim do the same? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Kanye West Threatens To Leave Kim Kardashian and Baby Girl If Kris Jenner Calls In The Media

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9 responses to “Kanye West Threatens To Leave Kim Kardashian and Baby Girl If Kris Jenner Calls In The Media”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    They will find a way to leak crap to the press under the guise of insider or source cuz that’s how they roll! No way Kanye can keep this publicity crazed fame-hoe family quiet!
    Feel bad for baby when he finally gets fed up and walks away.

  2. Amanda says:

    Even though Snooki was a wild party animal, there was always something ABOUT her that spoke volumes of her love and nurturing for other people. She was adopted and is super close with her family (she talked to them about everything), her and J Woww were the best of best friends– she would do anything for her BFF. Sure, she might have been a silly little meatball, but she was no Kim Kardashian. She always stayed true to her silly little meatball self. Kim K is (and has been at least since she married Damon Thomas) a money-hungry famewhore and one of the most selfish women in the world. She doesn’t understand that having a baby isn’t like having a cat, or a husband. You can’t just kill them (I mean give them away), or divorce them.

    • Victoria McGuire says:

      Kim is a self-centered narsisstic famewhore, who will not ever let a child upstage her in the media. So sad, but true. kanye will immediately see thru her falseness and I hope he does a DNA test and gets full custody of that baby if it is in fact his. Take her to Paris far and away from whoremomage Krish J.

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  4. nowdisconnected says:

    Kim and Kanye are BOTH control freaks with different agendas. This won’t last long.

    • Victoria McGuire says:

      He needs to get a DNA test ASAP from the Placenta to determine if this is in fact his child. If it is, get a our order that he is the primary parent and take that baby to Paris and register her as a Paris citizen, not avaialable to the Kraptrashian cheezy empire.

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