Kim Kardashian’s Grill and Karl Lagerfeld Pregnancy Photos – Gross Or Ugly?

Kim Kardashian's Grill and Karl Lagerfeld Pregnancy Photos - Gross Or Ugly?

Kim Kardashian continues her post-baby famewhore streak by getting grills, just days after dying her hair blonde and conveniently staging a photo op with paparazzi. To show off her grills, she appeared in an image in the CR Fashion book by Carine Roitfield. This particular image, which shows Kim opening her mouth slightly to show off the grills, was photographed by Karl Largerfeld, and was used as a cover for the Fashion Book’s third issue.

See, I don’t understand how all these prestigious fashion people continue to work with Kim. I mean, she’s a reality TV star. Is it that their standards have severely dropped or that Kim is so famous now that she’s become an exception? I mean, Anna Wintour allowed her into the MET Gala, and once Anna opens the doors, the rest of the industry follows suit. I just never would have thought Karl Largerfeld, who’s famously called legitimately talented people like Adele ‘fat’, would agree to photograph Kim Kardashian, of all people. He hates famewhores and he hates reality stars and he hates women who are not stick thin – and Kim is all of of those things!

Maybe it’s the Kanye West effect. Maybe after Kanye West got together with Kim Kardashian, they’ve all been forced to be nice to her. We know he’s the reason Kim was let into the MET Gala and it might be the reason all these people are willing to play nice – to make sure they don’t burn bridges with Kanye.

Either way, the grill looks hideous, as it often does on most people. With the blonde hair and the new grills, she’s either aiming for the trashiest new look around, or she’s just trying to continue to famewhore her way to being the center of attention.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.

Photo Credit: CR Fashion Book

  • Angel 2009

    There is really no artistic value to this shoot, horrible – it must be a joke like the Met Gala couch dress!