Kim Kardashian Says “Kris Humphries Will Pay Me” For Divorce!

Kim Kardashian Says "Kris Humphries Will Pay Me" For Divorce!

Yesterday I wrote that Kim Kardashian may finally be getting divorced from Kris Humphries. Their lawyers went right to work but there is already a snag. TMZ is reporting that Kim is still playing hard ball with Kris. She refuses to give into any of his terms for the divorce. Kim feels her husband of 72 days deserves nothing from her. In fact, Kim feels Kris should be paying her.

It was reported that Kris offered to walk away from the marriage if Kim gave him $7 million. Kim told him to forget it, and the battle began. He wanted an annulment because it would be in line with his religious beliefs. It was obvious to everyone, though, he was plotting to hurt her. TMZ is reporting today that Kim never offered to pay off her husband and is demanding he pay all her legal fees. She feels Kris dragged out their divorce and its cost a fortune in legal fees; therefore he needs to compensate her. Sources are telling TMZ Kim is now willing to go before a judge. She feels she will win in court.

Kris has every right to go after Kim and ask for what he wants. Kim admitted she went into the marriage because she got caught up in the moment. She never acted like Kris’ wife. I could go on and on with examples. Among the highlights Kim stated that she would go anywhere Kris went for work. She later told him she refuses to raise their children in his home state of Minnesota; they would be raised in her hometown of Los Angeles because that is the only city where she will live. Kim didn’t live with her husband her whole marriage. She didn’t even allow Kris to move his belongings into her home.

Kim has proved she will not cave in to Kris’ demands. She is self absorbed and money is her religion. Kim is the one who wanted out of the marriage, so why not just pay off Kris and get on with her life? She will probably say it’s the principle not the money, but we all know it’s the money. Kim claims to have feelings and we see her ugly cry on television often. Those aren’t feelings. Her tears are a chemical reaction to not getting her way. She is a brat who feels she can manipulate anyone or any situation to get what she wants.

If Kim had any sense of humanity she would give Kris the money and move on. She is now dating Kanye West and pregnant with his child. Kim makes money hand over fist and Kanye showers her with anything money can buy. What’s $7 million? It’s lunch money for a Kardashian! Is money really that important to Kim that she would put herself and her child through this tremendous stress? Kim wants to save face by saying Kris was after her money or he was trying to elevate his career by being associated with her. Who knows it may be true.  If she really wanted to keep herself in her fans good graces she would follow up her admission about her marriage with being flexible to Kris’ terms. He is not the one who dragged out the divorce; she did it. Now pay up, Kim!!

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