Kim Kardashian In Serious Fashion Trouble: Gets Advice From Bette Midler! (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian In Serious Fashion Trouble: Gets Advice From Bette Midler! (PHOTOS)

You know you’re in trouble when you’re getting fashion advice from Bette Midler. Sure, Midler’s a fashionable woman but not known for style, grace or beauty – in fact her appearance is a bit of a joke and was the subject of many throughout her career! And Kim Kardashian is 32 years old and fancies herself a fashion icon. Who should be giving whom fashion advice? Instead, Midler took to Twitter to tweet out maternity clothes advice to Kim.

First of all, it’s a sad day in our world when an Academy Award, Grammy Award, Tony Award, and Emmy Award nominated actress, singer, producer, and comedian would deign to TWEET Kim Kardashian. What has our world come to?!


Second of all, what’s someone like Bette doing offering advice to Kim Kardashian anyway? It shows you how wide-reaching Kim’s weight and fashion criticism has been.

Bette tweeted: know it’s so last week, but @KimKardashian would look adorable in the maternity clothes they have just on my block!! I buy them myself!!”

Of course, if it was almost anybody else, Kim would have likely refused to reply or replied with a scathing response. However, because it was Bette Midler, Kim jumped on any chance to famewhore her pregnancy and tweeted back, “Let’s go shopping!.”

Did something come up your throat? That was just bile and possibly some vomit. Kim’s natural fame-seeking tendencies have clearly not changed with her pregnancy, and she probably knows exactly what she’s doing. Dressing up in sky high heels and tight, inappropriate pregnancy clothes = get more attention from press and paparazzi. Poor Bette has no idea what she just got sucked into, but what are the chances of Kim actually going clothes shopping with her? Well, if she thought it would get her more press, she just might do it.

Kim’s expecting her baby in July, so even though we’re already sick and tired of hearing about her pregnancy, we have another three months to go. Let’s hope other celebrities don’t tweet her in the meantime, as she definitely doesn’t need any more press than she’s already getting.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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