Kim Kardashian Gets Invite To Met Gala: Kanye West Forces Anna Wintour’s Hand!

Kim Kardashian Gets Invite To Met Gala: Kanye West Forces Anna Wintour's Hand!

It’s almost May, and anyone who’s interested in fashion knows that means – the annual Met Gala, hosted by the ice queen herself, Anna Wintour. Now, Kanye West is tight with Anna – he’s appeared in Vogue a couple of times, and he’s an A-list member of the music industry. Anna Wintour prides herself on her association with the elite, and she picks and chooses who she associates with very carefully. Just as an example, Victoria Beckham – after 12 years – is still waiting to appear on the cover of Vogue Magazine.

Why am I babbling about Anna Wintour? Well, because she hosts the Met Gala, and Kanye is a frequent attendee. However, Kanye’s girlfriends, on the other hand, almost never make the cut. When Kanye turned up at the Gala alone last year, it was pretty much a fact that Anna made sure not to let his girlfriend Kim Kardashian anywhere near the gala. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she hired an extra security guard just to make sure Kim wouldn’t be allowed in.

However – things have changed this year. Maybe Kanye threatened not to make an appearance, maybe Anna decided she needed the publicity, etc. This year, Kim and Kanye will be at the Met Gala.

Life and Style reports that it’s because Kanye will be performing and as such, he gets a plus 1. I’m thinking more along the lines of Kanye begging Anna, saying that he doesn’t want to be humiliated two years in a row. Although, to be very honest, it’s more humiliating for him to appear alone than with Kim. Can you imagine? The most elite of the fashion industry – models, designers, A-list celebrities… and then Kim Kardashian. That too, a pregnant Kim Kardashian. No, she’s not going to look out of place at all.

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8 responses to “Kim Kardashian Gets Invite To Met Gala: Kanye West Forces Anna Wintour’s Hand!”

  1. Embarassment To All says:

    Fat Kow Kim, lets see what ridiculous outfit that is 5 sizes too small she tries to shove her overly pregnant body into. Add to that some of Kanyes ugly shoes….yeah she’ll fit right in! A-Listers should boycott having her around!

  2. Sorry says:

    Kim shouldn’t go anywhere near the event!

  3. Lanny Smith says:

    this is sickening…when will this no-body, self absorbed, wanna be just go away. She tricked Kanye into this ‘baby’ in order to keep herself in the media and to be attached to a ton of $$$$…she truly is gross as gross gets and seriously, WHY is she going to the Met Gala…give me one good reason?????
    Kim K. is irrelevant on all fronts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. lilgrandma says:

    Anna fu*k up big time!!kim fu*k her way up!what kanye should do is man up and get the bitch to shut up and take her nasty a$$ away!!and Anna get rid of the loser! there are more rich black ppl out too!!kanye is a joke now just like the ho!Anna i think next time you can become a joke too becareful woman!!!