Kim Kardashian Parties with Kanye West and His Boyfriend, Riccardo Tisci, in Paris – Nori Who? (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian Parties with Kanye West and His Boyfriend, Riccardo Tisci in Paris - Nori Who? (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian posted a revealing shot on her instagram of her ample assets in a plunging neckline posing next to Kanye West’s boyfriend and best friend Riccardo Tisci. Rumors of Kanye West’s sexuality have plagued him for years and if it is true it would certainly explain his anger issue. I would be angry too if I had to deny who I truly was in fear of a public backlash. Thing is Kanye – yes I am openly talking to you – we wouldn’t bash you we would embrace you and dare I say even start liking you again. That said, Kim continues to party in Paris sans Nori who is being taken care of probably a nanny because Kris Jenner is still unaware that she is in her twilight years and should be enjoying her role as grandma instead of chasing old flame and cheating party Todd Waterman around.

I am not loving Kim’s new hair color – which in my humble opinion looks cheap and fried – but at least her face is looking like all the fillers and Botox are starting to wear off. Her body is hanging onto some of her pregnancy weight – which is normal – but that continues to make Kim feel insecure because her body is her business. She is working hard to get the weight off but her other half wants her to keep her new curves. According to Radar Online a source close to the rapper says that, “Kanye’s reassuring her that she looks fantastic, but she’s still feeling self-conscious, wearing clothes that swamp her figure and dying her brunette locks golden to draw attention away from her body.

My unsolicited advice is that Kim should worry less about her appearance and more about enjoying all of Nori’s first. I don’t know, call me old-fashioned or just plain rational but maybe it’s time ole Kimmy shifts her attention away from herself and all that is superficial and put her mommy role first.

  • Angel 2009

    Her left fake udder looks bigger than her right fake udder – lopsided! Really poor choice in clothing, you’re in Paris and you can’t find anything beautiful & flattering?! Guess porn hoes always have to show off the products.

  • allie

    she aint nothing but a porn hoe lol

  • HollywoodHiccups

    LOL guess she is bored with her new fashion accessory..

  • Sorry

    She cares more about buying things for North than taking her to Paris with her. She is SICK! I have no problem with moms leaving their kids, but a 3-months to show off your new bod in Paris??? NO!

    • Angel 2009

      How about Kimmode hauling Baby Seaweed around to follow Kanye when he starts his tour this month. A supposedly premature baby being toted from city to city and even Europe. Of course, nannies will do 99% of the care giving. Great parenting, huh.

  • drdebo cherry

    interesting, kim wearing the designs of kanye’s supposed lover…..thats the first interesting thing i’ve heard about this bunch.

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  • carrie

    Maybe Nori is with them in Paris but stays in their french home ? After all,the nanny can be low-key and they travel in a different plane