Kim Kardashian Uses Philippines Typhoon Disaster For Profit With eBay “Charity” Auction

Kim Kardashian Uses Philippines Typhoon Disaster For Profit With eBay "Charity" Auction

I love when celebrities jump on a charity bandwagon only to have it later revealed that they profited more than they helped. Of course I’m being sarcastic, but this is exactly what Kim Kardashian has done and boy is she taking heat for it. She decided to host an eBay charity auction with the proceeds ostensibly going to International Medical Corps, an organization directly helping victims of the typhoon that rocked the Philippines. Kim is making it look like she’s doing her part to help the countless victims of the Philippines typhoon disaster by auctioning off some of her old dresses and accessories but here’s the thing, if you read all of the details then you realize that only 10% is being donated to the relief organization, the rest is being pocketed by good ole’ Kimmie!

The thing is, Kim and her handlers are really pitching this as a charity auction when in fact it’s more of a money making venture than anything else! Meanwhile other celebs are simply donating thousands or more in cold hard cash to help with the crisis in the Philippines! It’s just one more wrong move on Kim’s part in a list of missteps. Baby daddy Kanye West may be delusional enough to think that he is guiding her towards greatness but from here it looks like whatever star power they both had is surely on the decline and shady moves like this won’t help!

Do you think that Kim will decide to donate more if she takes enough heat from the auction backlash? Is there any real concern for people less privileged than her or is every move aimed at garnering decent attention and good press? If that’s the case then this little auction really blew up in her face, didn’t it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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  • Angel 2009

    Kimmode doesn’t know the meaning of charity, greedy pig has millions but wants more to indulge in her extravagant lifestyle. Useless bitch!

  • Guest

    Kimmode doesn’t know the meaning of charity, she has millions and yet wants more to indulge in her extravagant lifestyle. Greedy useless b*itch!

  • Juliettemvp

    Not to mention that the clothes and stuff she is auctioning were most likely given to her.

  • Em

    well if she takes too much heat she’ll melt …. all that family cares about is money and fame and no publicity is bad publicity as far as they are concerned – good or bad, everyone’s talking about them

  • allie

    She will use anyone and anything for money. Now what’s the name for that?! hmmm.

  • Janelle

    I would love to whip her with a stick. lol

  • JohnJohn

    Would be a great day if they threw the slut in the slammer. Pure trash.These people have no morals , class or care about anybody but the Kartrashians. They will step on all to get what they want. They are so low class.

  • karkar

    It honestly isn’t very shocking she’s so vain. 10 PERCENT, she’s so freaking greedy. She can’t do anything right.

  • H

    She is a horrific human