Kim Kardashian Hires Top Photographer To Document Baby’s Life: Already being Sold to Hollywood!

Kim Kardashian Hires Top Photographer To Document Baby's Life: Already being Sold to Hollywood!

Oh, I see a future E! Television special in the making! Apparently Kim Kardashian has already hired a top photographer to document every second of her delivery right through her first week of motherhood. You and I both know that Kim doesn’t take photos to frame them around her home or to make fabulous albums with. These will no doubt be sold to the highest bidder. According to the June 3rd print edition of National Enquirer the photographer is just one of many pieces to Kim’s extravagant birth plan.

Most moms just want to make it through the delivery in one piece but already Kim is demanding thousands of dollars worth of white roses in her birthing suite and rather than wear a hospital gown she bought special lingerie for the occasion!

Baby daddy Kanye West has been very vocal about wanting to keep things quiet as far as the baby goes. He tries to lead a pretty private life which is a stark contrast to Kim’s filming every second and creating BS drama for a film crew to capture. Do you think he’s going to want every intimate moment intruded on by cameras and a reality television film crew? I’m betting no.

I see Kanye walking into the nursery and finding a film crew and flipping out on them. We’ve already seen him in action on numerous occasions. While Kim is ready and willing to exploit their child if the price is right I’m pretty positive Kanye will be precisely the opposite. I think their clashes on how to raise the baby are going to lead some epic battles. Am I the only one that can see Kanye going after custody of the baby? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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4 responses to “Kim Kardashian Hires Top Photographer To Document Baby’s Life: Already being Sold to Hollywood!”

  1. Victoria McGuire says:

    I personally he gets 100% custody of the baby in question, weather literally coming out of Kim or a surrogate. She is an unfit person to raise a child when she demands all the attention be on her, per her whoremomager.

    • Ang Michelle says:

      I agree w you Victoria! She is NOT maternal AT ALL!! I haven’t heard her talk @ how EXCITED she is to meet the baby; She hasn’t had her hand on her belly in that protective manner ALL mothers do – SHE ONLY CARES FOR HERSELF! She’s more concerned with the shoes she’s wearing than this little baby! And does she realize she’s going to SWELL up like a filled TICK over the next 8 wks??! The last 2 months is when the baby puts on all the WEIGHT that it NEEDS which in turn translates into HER getting bigger and I cannot see her handling this well!

  2. Ang Michelle says:

    Kim will do this behind Ye’s back .. No doubt about it! The only question I have is how will her sweet and doting boyfriend ACT??!!

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