Kim Kardashian Keeps Us Weekly On Speed Dial When She’s Not Being Filmed For Reality Shows

Kim Kardashian Keeps Us Weekly On Speed Dial When She’s Not Being Filmed For Reality Shows

According to recently revealed gossip tidbit at the annual Lainey Gossip smut smoiree, Kim Kardashian keeps the tabloids on speed dial when she’s not being recorded for E!.

Is anyone surprised at this? Oh, it’s not just any old tabloid that she keeps on her speed dial, but US Weekly. I’m sure Kris Jenner and the rest of her family are taking care of all the Radar and Hollywood Life leaks.

The exact quote was, “Kanye West’s girlfriend, Lainey’s code name for Kim Kardashian, keeps US Weekly on speed dial for the brief moments when the E! camera crews aren’t following her, and she needs an attention fix.”

I hope anyone who’s ever harbored pity for Kim Kardashian or felt the need to defend her will think about this and change their mind. She is the EPITOME of a famewhore, and every single time she opens her mouth to complain about the paparazzi, she’s probably thinking about the next time she’s planning on calling them.

Of course, most reality stars build their foundation on calling the paparazzi and leaking reports to tabloids, but there’s also the fact the Kardashians have somehow managed to make a viable empire out of it. I mean, there is such little time that the E! cameras are not there, so can you imagine how much of an attention junkie Kim is that she actually has a tabloid on her speed dial for the rest of that time? Next time you read a story about Kim Kardashian on US Weekly, it probably won’t be the same experience, will it?

What do you guys think about this revelation? In all honesty, does it surprise anybody at all? I think this was kind of a given, considering everything we know about Kim Kardashian and her famewhore family.

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  • Angel 2009

    Only one tabloid??