Kim Kardashian’s Children Will Be Color-Blind, Bi-Racial and On Reality TV From Birth!

Kim Kardashian’s Children Will Be Color-Blind, Bi-Racial and On Reality TV From Birth!

Kim Kardashian’s baby has been discussed more than American Idol’s horrendous 12th season.  At the moment of inception, the tiny little embryo thingy became more famous than God, and Kim K won’t let you forget that. During a recent interview with BET, Kim touched on the antiquated “biracial” discussion that once plagued the world. According to her, “I have a lot of friends that are all different nationalities and their children are biracial, so they have kind of talked to me a little bit about it and what to expect and what not to expect, but I think that the most important thing is how I would want to raise my children to just not see color.”

And here we thought Kim K would sell her baby for a new pair of Prada pumps.

Parenting in the Kardashian household has always been a contentious issue. Kris Jenner, the one and only Momager, raised her children to “just not see” poverty and infamy. We’re actually surprised the Kardashian sisters haven’t yet won a Darwin Award and/or lost their way at a garage station frequented by serial killers.

Kim K continued, “[T]here will be so many experiences that you won’t really know how to prepare for until you really go through it. [R]aising a child in general is challenging [and parents have to be] open minded. Obviously you want your children to, for me, travel the world and experience different races and different cultures everywhere, so I think that would be something that is more important to me to give as much information as I could.”

Seeing as Kim K will serve as an information bureau for her children, she might just become so enveloped in her “parenting methods” that she loses her baby in Chucky Cheese. Hey, don’t hate! It’s not impossible! Have you seen these bitches at their worst?

Thought so.

Pregnant reality star Kim Kardashian leaves the Trump Soho Hotel and heads to The Darby restaurant for lunch in New York City, New York on March 27, 2013

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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