Kim Kardashian’s Swollen Feet Are Gross And Painful – Why Is She Doing This To Herself?

Kim Kardashian's Swollen Feet Are Gross And Painful - Why Is She Doing This To Herself? 0517

And if you tell me it’s all in the name of fashion I’m just going to slap myself in the face right now and call myself Kim. This is gross.

This is beyond gross. And it’s not just the feet (even though I’m having a real hard time looking at those sausages). It’s the idea that she just had to wear those shoes because they’re fashionable/current/trendy/match her outfit/she wants to impress the fashion gods. Take your pic. All of those options are equally terrible and equally stupid. But these are Kim Kardashian’s feet so it is what it is.


Check out the pics below of Kim out to lunch with Kris Jenner in Sherman Oaks yesterday. First of all, why are you so dressed up for lunch with your mom? My mom’s lucky if I throw on jeans instead of sticking with the yoga pants but that’s just how we roll. Never, in a million years, would I wear shoes like that. Obviously, they were probably filming and/or they called the paps to know they’d be out. Those Mrs. Howard Hughes reclusive comments are getting more and more ridiculous as the days go on, right? Regardless, this is a post about swollen feet. Kim Kardashian has talked about her swollen feet a lot. She’s posted pics of them on instagram. She’s mentioned how she can barely fit in most shoes nowadays and we all felt kinda sad and were pleasantly surprised to see her sporting some flip flops last week. Where did that good sense go? Have you noticed that whenever Kim’s seen out in yoga pants and comfortable shoes the press is actually sweet to her? She gets nothing but congratulatory stories when she’s dressed appropriately and looks decent. Then she pulls this shit. It’s almost like she WANTS us to harp on her. It’s almost like she NEEDS the negative attention. Ugh… I just gave it to her then. Kanye West might not want to be a celebrity but his baby mama surely does.

Am I overreacting because I haven’t had enough coffee yet? Is this gross and disturbing to anyone else?


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  • She’s a fool

  • She gets more press for looking outlandish. If she was dressed normally, who would look twice? It’s all about the attention, always was always will be. I feel sorry for that baby, and Kim needs to see her dr-

  • Pamela

    It looks horrible. I think she deserves some kudos for always trying to look her best (even if it’s half for attention) but it still is undeniably disgusting looking!!

  • I think its is sad and pathetic to make fun of a pregnant woman….all women’s ankles swell when they are pregnant….shame on you!!!

  • anonymous

    Leave the girl alone people. I don’t like her but she IS pregnant. Pregnant people’s feet swell, that’s just what it does. She can’t help it……well maybe she can change up shoes but thats besides the point. This woman is pregnant, lay off of her……at least until she has the baby.