Kordell Stewart and Porsha Stewart Back Together Again – Divorce OFF!

Kordell Stewart and Porsha Stewart Back Together Again - Divorce OFF!

It looks like Kordell Stewart taught his wife Porsha Stewart a lesson! How dare she decide to try and live a well-rounded life, combinging working with having a family? Apparently she was listening a little too much to her pals on The Real Housewive’s of Atlanta and thought for a hot second that she could defy his orders. Supposedly Kordell put his foot down and ordered Porsha to quit the show after only one season because he hated how he was (accurately) portrayed as a controlling schmuck.

Porsha, attempting to be a strong, independent woman started to negotiate with Bravo producers behind his back and Kordell found out. He taught his “black trophy wife” a lesson fast and filed for divorce in a flash. Poor girl just thought it was a bad fight until the media informed her that Kordell had filed for divorced! He served the news to her in the public arena which is exactly where she seems to want to spend every second.

Theis past week the married couple of less than two years has undergone extensive counseling both together and individually with their pastor and announcement is said to be coming as soon as tomorrow about the state of their marriage. According to MTO, Porsha is eager to go back to living like a modern day Cinderella for her man and he is relieved to have his high-priced beard back on his arm.

Perhaps these two really are a perfect match, don’t you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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