Kourtney Kardashian and Mila Kunis: Their Shocking Appearance Without Makeup (Photo)

Kourtney Kardashian and Mila Kunis: Their Shocking Appearance Without Makeup (Photo)

Can’t wait for the January 14th issue of In Touch – they’re featuring 65 (yowza!) stars without makeup. Pics like these always make me feel better as I’m flipping through the pages, makeup free, sipping coffee in my jammies. This week they’ve got shots of Mila Kunis looking blemished, bloated and half dead rather than the “sexiest woman alive.” Jennifer Lopez looks blotchy and strained while Katie Holmes seems weathered and tired – perhaps single mothering is cutting into these busy moms’ beauty routines…

Reese Witherspoon looks almost as good without makeup as she does with (jealous), Jennifer Garner looks perky and perfect as ever (double jealous) and Kourtney Kardashian looks healthy and radiant (I give up). In Touch has also snapped Amy Poehler looking less than glamorous, but she’s a comedian, so I can let her slide. Sarah Michelle Gellar also made the cover and Buffy looks like she was up all night slaying vampires – eek! Can’t wait to see who else they’ve captured looking less than glam in this issue!

In Touch also takes a look at how Bethenny Frankel‘s doing in the wake of her split with hubby Jason Hoppy. She was spotted in Aspen all alone – daughter Bryn is with her soon-to-be-ex. An eye witness says she was drinking tequila and eating very little – so maybe that’s the skinny girl secret she’s been hiding from us. The eyewitness said, “I didn’t see Bethenny eat anything. She looked really skinny.” Another onlooker said, “She was very, very thin.”

Looks like the split and Christmas away from her daughter is taking its toll. A friend of Bethenny’s told In Touch, “It was devastating for Bethenny to be without Bryn for Christmas but this was something Jason wanted, so she agreed. She always wants to do what’s best for Bryn, even if that means that she has to be alone.

In Touch is also covering everyone’s least favorite couple – Rihanna and her erstwhile abuser Chris Brown and reports that he’s cheating on his reunited lover. Is it Karrueche Tran that he’s boffing or some other woman with extremely poor taste in sexual partners? Guess we’ll have to grab the latest issue of In Touch to find out!

Image Credit: In Touch

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