Kourtney Kardashian To Leave Scott Disick If He Doesn’t Ditch Chapman Ducote

Kourtney Kardashian To Leave Scott Disick If He Doesn’t Ditch Chapman Ducote

Considering that Kourtney Kardashian is portrayed as the unassuming hippie sister on this season of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, it’s surprising to learn that she’s given Scott Disick an ultimatum—again! The mother-of-two has put up with a lot from Scott—domestic violence, abandonment, child abuse (remember when he left Mason in the roasting car?), wild partying, and out of control drinking—but his new indiscretion takes the cake. What’s his crime? Making friends with daredevil racecar driver Chapman Ducote! Kourtney may find dozens of faults with Scott, but she’s too concerned about her children to allow their dad to put himself in harms way, which is exactly what Chapman encourages him to do!

Kourtney told Scott that if he continues to listen to Chapman instead of her, their relationship will be over,” an insider told National Enquirer, print edition February 4, 2013. Viewers of their show saw Scott go racecar driving behind Kourtney’s back, cheered on by Chapman. When she found out, Kourtney relented, looking tired and reluctant about his new hobby. Just because she won’t marry him doesn’t mean she wants him dead, or with a broken leg!

Scott doesn’t care what Kourtney thinks about his new friend or hobby, and he “doesn’t seem to care” about her ultimatum. “She’s given him ultimatums before. As far as he’s concerned, Chapman is his big pal and there’s nothing Kourtney can say or do about it.” Will this be the final straw for Kourtney, who seems obsessed with controlling her part-time man? Couldn’t she use matrimony to get anything she wants from him? Are Scott’s friends any of Kourtney’s business—so long as he isn’t drinking, hooking up with other women, or abandoning their kids to stay out all night? Do couples need to get constant approval from one another? Should Kourtney and Scott just call their relationship what it is–nonexistent, except for their kids–and move on?

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