Kris Humphries Gets Revenge After Kim Kardashian Wedding Guest Fraud

Kris Humphries Gets Revenge After Kim Kardashian Wedding Guest Fraud 0319

Kris Humphries finally got some great news in court. Sadly it has nothing to do with his divorce/annulment from estranged wife, Kim Kardashian. But it’s a start at least.

TMZ reports that the man who swindled Humphries and his friends out of hundreds of thousands of dollars has been ordered by the judge to pay back everything he stole which came out to more than $2 million. Andrey C. Hicks was actually a guest at the reality wedding of Kris and Kim which just makes this story even weirder. Apparently he convinced Kris to invest in a bogus hedge fund but got caught in 2011 as he was attempting to flee to Switzerland.

I know Kris isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but obviously he isn’t the best judge of character. You remember all the stories that said Kris was going to subpoena Kim’s medical records so he can prove she’s a liar and he’s not the cause of her near miscarriages? Well, Kim should bring this up in court so she can prove he’s just a gullible dumb ass.

Still… at least the basketball player is getting some revenge. Kris Humphries definitely isn’t going to be getting any on Kim. After his lawyer dropped him I figured things weren’t looking so hot on that end. He should have just taken the money and ran! Clearly after the Kim Kardashian wedding guest fraud episode he needed it! But he’s sticking to his principles. I can respect that. He must still think the smoking gun from Life & Style will validate his fraud claims. I don’t think it proves anything other than the fact that Kris knew all about the game but cried foul when no one wanted him to play anymore.

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2 responses to “Kris Humphries Gets Revenge After Kim Kardashian Wedding Guest Fraud”

  1. tahoegeminii says:

    wow has she put on the poundage-at 5 month preggo she looks 100lbs fatter from that photo -Kris has to be glad he didn’t get stuck with the hefer-and of course all the people the Kardashians invited to the sham wedding were swindlers and thieves-thats all they know-just like the murderer OJ is their godfather or something-I hope the judge doesn’t fall for her faking that Kris is causing stress that is hurting her unborn bastard sympathy ploy-she is ill because she is so fat not from pregnancy-and she is the skankk sllutt who got pregnant before her divorce was final-it’s not an excuse for the law to feel sorry for her being a fraud-she should pay for what she did to Humphries and good for him not just letting her get away with it because he is a nice guy-some one should be making her pay for deceit and fraud-whether she is hiding behind her pregnancy or not

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