Bruce Jenner and Sons Brody and Brandon Hate Kris Jenner: Couple Separated For OVER ONE YEAR! (PHOTOS)

Bruce Jenner and Sons Brody and Brandon Hate Kris Jenner: Couple Separated For OVER ONE YEAR! (PHOTOS)

I’m pretty sure that Kris Jenner is one of those really special (i.e. delusional) people that believes all of the lies that her mouth continues to speak. First she insisted that her marriage to Bruce Jenner was just fabulous even after the couple had split. Now she insists that things are so friendly that the two speak daily. Apparently Kris doesn’t remember episodes of her own show from a few years ago when Bruce not only complained that he was lost in the shuffle of her self-absorption, but then proved it by staying at a hotel for FOUR days before she even noticed he was gone and decided to call him!

Clearly there was not an ounce of love left in this relationship even back in the summer of 2012 when everyone was talking about how a split was obviously imminent and following that time table, that’s about when they did decide to separate. Celeb Dirty Laundry was telling you guys this marriage was done for well over a year now and as it turns out we were right on the money.

That means that every scene between Bruce and Kris has been rooted in deception for the sake of the cameras and misleading fans to believe that being a part of this family is the luckiest place on earth. How about the infamous “mancave” scene a few months ago where Kris and Bruce discussed him getting his own place even after he was long gone from her mansion of horrors! More of Kris’ spinning reality to appear rosy, but guess what – Bruce is kind of done playing nice.

He is out from beneath Kris’s thumb and no longer has to play be her rules and according to sources close to the Olympic Champ. There is nothing amicable about the situation. According to Radar Online he hates Kris and the whole Jenner clan is firmly planted in his corner, ready to support Bruce in whatever comes next. Both Brandon and Brody Jenner, Bruce’s older sons have always resented their “step-monster” because they blame her for Bruce bailing out on their childhood. Once they began mending things with their father it allowed them to see Kris in action up close and if you’ve watched recent episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians then you’ve seen Brody stop short of expressing his hate for Kris. Don’t be fooled by photos that Kris orchestrate to make it appear otherwise. This is about to get very ugly.

Do you think that there will come a point when Bruce or his boys actually start airing Kris’s dirty laundry? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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