Kris Jenner Confirms Bruce Jenner Divorce: Plans Valentine’s Day Date With Lover

Kris Jenner Confirms Bruce Jenner Divorce: Plans Valentine's Day Date With Lover

Reports about the upcoming Kris Jenner/ Bruce Jenner divorce are filling up the internet faster than we can read them. Though bits of the facts vary, we can agree that Bruce knows Kardashian secrets, a lot of money is at stake, and Kris is worried about hurting the brand. In typical Hollywood fashion, Kris has adamantly denied the rumors, and even posted a scathing blog about disgusting tabloid lies! Don’t let her fool you; denying divorce is standard issue for celebs. They’ll promise their marriage is strong and happy until the minute they file divorce papers!

Though no papers have been filed yet (that we know of yet, anyways!), Kris confirmed the divorce today on her Instagram! The clueless (yet decidedly business saavy and snakelike) momager posted a shopping bag photo, with the caption, “Oh hi @sheiva_g you just gave me great Valentines ideas for the guys in my world!!” While I definitely don’t consider myself a doctoral candidate on the American customs surrounding Valentines day, I’m pretty confidant in my basic understanding. You date one person. That person is your valentine. Now, Kris is married, so there shouldn’t be any speculation about who her special someone is—and yet she’s shopping for multiple men?

I know the Kardashian / Jenner klan are lavish, but surely they haven’t reached a point where Valentines day is just a second coming of Christmas! Plus, it doesn’t make sense that Kris would expand her list of Valentines, but only to include men! Surely the holiday of romance warrants another couple of $2,000 Celine handbags for spoiled princesses Kendall and Kylie Jenner? Or are Kris’ daughters excluded from the holiday? Honestly, it may have been an innocent caption, but that doesn’t make it less weird! I think the only thing we can say for certain is that the Kardashian’s cling to any excuse for a party and presents. Who do you think Kris is shopping for?

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6 responses to “Kris Jenner Confirms Bruce Jenner Divorce: Plans Valentine’s Day Date With Lover”

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  2. DeeDeDee says:

    This story is stretched about as thing as spandex on a fat woman. I post about “my boys” all the time and I have yet to have anybody accuse me of a divorce. There is a HUGE possibility that she was talking about her children/husband/etc. Really?

    • really? says:

      Exactly what I was thinking… she does have a husband son and grandson she is most likely shopping for… I highly doubt she would confirm a divorce on instagram when she could make money selling the story to tabloids

  3. c8h10n4o2 says:

    My dad always gives me a Valentine’s present, and often sends flowers. My brothers get stuff from our mom. Mountains out of molehills.

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